Loyalty as a Data Play | The MarTech Matrix with Jai Rawat and Sean Simon

On a recent episode of The MarTech Matrix, Loyalty as a Data Play, Zinrelo’s CEO Jai Rawat shared a more nuanced approach to customer engagement and loyalty programs that could very well be the secret sauce retailers have been searching for.

Customer Loyalty as a Data Play

Loyalty Programs Should Drive Relationships and Data 🛍️

The discussion highlights how most brands are getting loyalty wrong by putting too much focus on generating the next transaction. Loyalty should be about building relationships with your customers so they think of you when they need your product. By engaging with customers, brands can acquire a goldmine of data without seeming too eager.


  1. Zinrelo offers a unique approach to loyalty programs by focusing on holistic loyalty and personalization in loyalty programs.
  2. They track and reward customers for various types of engagements, not just transactions.
  3. Zinrelo helps companies launch successful loyalty programs by first identifying their business needs and providing a flexible loyalty technology platform.
  4. Data acquisition and the use of zero and first-party customer data are key components of effective loyalty programs.
  5. Zinrelo has helped brands increase customer retention, average order value, and repeat customer revenues.
  6. The company values customer-centricity, excellence, innovation, respect, and open communication.


00:00: Introduction with Zinrelo
04:15: Insights on Building a Successful Loyalty Program
09:00: Strategies for Enhancing Customer Engagement and Data Collection
17:36: Insights on Brand Strategy in Retail Environments
18:29: Discussing Customer Data and Loyalty Program Strategies
26:27: Strategies for Effective Loyalty Program Management
31:44: Strategies for Direct Customer Engagement and Loyalty Programs
32:38: Key Considerations for Effective Loyalty Programs
33:35: Overview of Product Bundle Benefits
33:48: Long-Term Considerations for Choosing Loyalty Platforms
35:07: Discussing Loyalty Program Success with a Household Name Brand
35:47: Enhancing Customer Engagement and Retention Through Loyalty Programs
39:16: Evolving Loyalty Programs and the Impact of AI

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of retail, there was a common misconception that bombarding customers with daily emails was the golden ticket to securing their loyalty and boosting sales. However, nestled within the insights shared by Jai Rawat, founder and CEO of Zinrelo, on a recent episode of The MarTech Matrix, lies a tale that challenges this narrative, revealing a more nuanced approach to customer engagement and loyalty programs that could very well be the secret sauce retailers have been searching for.

📧 The Email Dilemma: Less is More

In an age where our inboxes are perpetually flooded with promotions, the discussion brought to light by Rawat offers a refreshing perspective. The key takeaway? Retailers might be doing more harm than good by sending out daily emails. This relentless digital onslaught can lead to email fatigue, causing customers to disengage, or worse, unsubscribe. Rawat suggests a more strategic approach, advocating for meaningful engagement over sheer volume. Imagine receiving tips on how to care for the t-shirt you just bought instead of yet another promotional email. It’s this kind of valuable content that keeps customers coming back, not the daily reminders that you exist.

🔄 Engagement Over Sales: Building a Connection

The conversation then shifts towards the art of keeping customers engaged between purchases. Rawat emphasizes the importance of building a relationship with customers that transcends the transactional. Whether through surveys, quizzes, or interactive content, the goal is to stay top of mind in a way that feels genuine and engaging. This approach not only fosters loyalty but also paves the way for a more organic lead-up to the next purchase.

🛍️ Redefining Loyalty: Beyond Points and Perks

Perhaps the most enlightening part of the discussion revolves around the evolution of loyalty programs. Rawat outlines a holistic view of loyalty that extends beyond the traditional points and perks system. He introduces a multi-dimensional approach that includes transactional, social, behavioral, and emotional elements. From rewarding customers for social shares to recognizing their purchasing behaviors and connecting on an emotional level through causes they care about, this comprehensive loyalty strategy aims to create a more meaningful and lasting bond with customers.

🌟 The Future of Retail: A Harmonious Blend of Technology and Emotion

As we look toward the future, it’s clear that the intersection of technology and emotional intelligence will play a pivotal role in shaping the retail landscape. The insights shared by Rawat underscore the importance of leveraging data and digital tools to understand and anticipate customer needs, while also emphasizing the human element that truly drives loyalty and engagement.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with choices, the brands that succeed will be those that manage to carve out a special place in their customers’ hearts and minds. It’s not about the number of emails you send or the discounts you offer; it’s about how well you understand your customers and how effectively you can engage with them on a level that transcends the purely transactional. As we close this chapter, let’s remember that in the end, the most powerful currency in retail may just be genuine human connection.

The podcast and the article were originally published on The Martech Matrix and Cogent Collective