6 Proven Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value in Ecommerce

Zinrelo guest blog , April 23, 2021   In this article, we discuss some proven strategies that you can use to encourage repeat purchases and keep customers coming back to your business.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value in Ecommerce

Is It Possible to ‘Pandemic Proof’ Your Business?

The Wise Marketer , May 18, 2020   COVID-19 has disrupted businesses and all walks of life. Lockdowns however necessary, have given rise to uncertainty which have affected revenues.

pandemic proof business

Top 5 Customer Retention Trends for 2020

The Wise Marketer , December 17, 2019   Customer retention strategies can only be successful when a brand recognizes the importance of these top 5 trends and applies them to their business depending on their needs.

What is customer retention

Driving Stronger Connections with Receipts Scanning

The Wise Marketer , October 17, 2019   Brands and manufacturers need to revamp their loyalty programs to attract, retain, and grow customers. The changing landscape of retail along with new channels of shopping (e-commerce, marketplaces, etc.) is making most brands rethink their loyalty programs as they are unable to tie the point-of-sale purchase data to consumers.

4 Must-Have Features in a Rewards Program

The Wise Marketer , July 24, 2019   The ability to customize your rewards program presents an ocean of opportunities for brands and numerous benefits for customers. A successful rewards program speaks the brand language and taps into a customer’s emotions. It helps customers to get engaged and stay connected to a brand.

Building a Strong Loyalty Program with Emotional Bonds

MultichannelMerchant, March 04, 2019  Brand love reinforces trust and builds lasting relationships. See how Sephora, Nike, TOMS and others create emotional bonds that drive loyalty and CLV.

Why Engagement Strategies & Investment Are Important for Customer Retention

ProProfs, February 22, 2019  Has the question “how to retain customers” always been on your mind? Well, this blog will help you answer that question easily.

Jai Rawat of Zinrelo Shares Loyalty Rewards Wisdom: Part II

Loyalty360, January 11, 2019  Zinrelo’s leadership in loyalty rewards is contingent upon its expertise and adaptability. Founder Jai Rawat recently spoke with Loyalty360 about the strategies needed to stay relevant in the present landscape.

Jai Rawat of Zinerlo Shares Loyalty Rewards Wisdom: Part I

Loyalty360, January 08, 2019  Zinrelo’s leadership in loyalty rewards is contingent upon its expertise and adaptability. Founder Jai Rawat recently spoke with Loyalty360 about the strategies needed to stay relevant in the present landscape.

Building A Strong B2B Loyalty Rewards Program

Elevation marketing, December 3, 2018 Qualities of a unique and robust B2B loyalty rewards program that will help you better retain existing clients.

Customer Retention Made Easy

The Wise Marketer , November 22, 2018   Companies are realizing the importance of focusing on their repeat customers and designing special loyalty program for this category of customers. Here’s how.

Tis the season to be jolly! Holiday shopping and rewards

3dcart, Oct 10, 2018  The holiday shopping season is busy for merchants and consumers alike. This time of year, customers are more eager than ever to take advantage of every online shopping reward system you can offer. Now’s your chance to use customer rewards to gain long-term loyalty. Here’s how.

Five Ways to Successfully Promote Your Loyalty Rewards Program

MarketingProfs, Apr 27, 2018  The objectives for a good loyalty program promotion campaign are twofold: creating awareness about the program for new customers; and engaging already-enrolled customers through targeted campaigns.This blog details a proven five-step loyalty program promotion process that creates fiercely loyal customers.

Build a Loyalty Rewards Program Your Customers Love

Get Response, Feb 23, 2018  Every brand wants to create a loyalty reward program that keeps customers interested, engaged and coming back for more. The blog highlights the key points of an alluring loyalty rewards program.

How Predator Nutrition Uses a Tiered Loyalty Program to Drive Profitable Growth

Demandware, Jan 8, 2018  Predator Nutrition, one of the leading sports nutrition companies in the UK, is leveraging its loyalty program to drive a 25% increase in Average Order Value and a 70% improvement in repeat purchases. The blog highlights the top 4 strategies Predator Nutrition has used to achieve the above results.

Shoppers Enroll in Lots of Loyalty Programs. Why Don’t They Actually Use Them?

Demandware, Nov 13, 2017 On average, consumers are enrolled in an average of approximately 30 programs, but here’s the kicker – they’re active on less than half of them. This blog highlights top 5 strategies to engage users in loyalty programs.

10 Benefits of a Loyalty Rewards Program [Infographic]

MarketingProfs, Sep 19, 2017 One of the main goals of a loyalty program is to drive repeat sales, and the infographic offers a simple formula you can use to measure whether that’s happening. In addition, this infographic lists top 10 benefits of loyalty rewards programs and it’s full of tips for how to make yours succeed.

Top 10 Benefits of a Loyalty Rewards Program (Infographic)

Volusion, August 29, 2017 A modern day loyalty rewards program can maximize your ROI and boost customer engagement. However, it is important to understand and learn to justify the cost vs. benefit of a loyalty program for successful implementation of the program. This infographic highlights the top 10 benefits of a loyalty rewards program and outlines key strategies that can be used to achieve these benefits along with detailed measurement techniques.

The Power Of Maximum Engagement

Loyalty360, Aug 22, 2017 This blog encourages brands to provide a 360 degree engagement & captivating opportunities for customers to interact with their brand. It also enlists 5 strategies brands should consider to make their loyalty program a hit. 

Is a Loyalty Rewards Program Right for Your Brand? [Infographic]

MarketingProfs, Aug 21, 2017 A good loyalty rewards program should help businesses boost customer retention and repeat sales thus creating fiercely loyal customers. This infographic reveals the importance of a loyal customer and highlights the top 3 reasons of investing in a loyalty rewards program.

Zinrelo Focuses On 360-Degree Customer Engagement

Loyalty360, Aug 15, 2017 Loyalty 360 interviews Samir Palnitkar – Founder of Zinrelo to know his views on how his company helps brands with loyalty programs and the overarching concept of customer loyalty. Read the blog to learn more about the interview. 

Key Strategies to Promote Your Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty360, Jun 28, 2017 The blog outlines some of the key strategies that can help you create awareness about your loyalty program and engage with your existing customers in a more meaningful way thus creating fiercely loyal customers.

Best Retail Technology 2017: Top Promotion Experts

CreditDonkey, Mar 28, 2017 Read the blog to find out how top retail technology platforms could improve how you get the word out about your business or seamlessly improve your customer’s experience.

Four Ways to Use Social Listening to Boost Customer Loyalty

MarketingProfs, Jan 12, 2017 Social listening, also known as social monitoring, has become an essential way for businesses to help create customer loyalty in a whole new way. Social media is the mountaintop from which your consumers shout, whether to praise or vilify. And, if they’re talking about your business, you can bet your bottom dollar you don’t want to miss it. Read the blog to find out four ways you can keep your head in the game and harness the power of social listening to stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Top Three Ways to Drive Customer Loyalty Through Gamification

Maximizer, Jan 9, 2017 Gamification is a motivating strategy, that consists of integrating gaming techniques into a loyalty program in order to motivate engage, and solidify positive customer brand loyalty. Read the blog to find out how you can make the most of a gamification strategy for your business.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Bucks!

Visenze, Jan 5, 2017 Prompting customers to provide genuine feedback by sharing their own pictures of a product is a simple task with incalculable rewards. A customer will feel valued, needed, and heard, and potential customers will feel more confident in shopping with you. One of the simplest strategies for brands to encourage visual testimonials (Photos) from the customer is to engage users post purchase at a point of delight – right after they received their product(s). The blog describes a few easy ways in which you can encourage your customers to share pictures of your brand.

How to Engage Your Customers in Creating User-Generated Content

Convince and Convert, Nov 26, 2016 Positive user-generated content (UGC) is the holy grail of marketing. UGC involves customers reaching out and voicing their satisfaction on social media or on your website. Not only does it provide credible social proof for your products and services, but it is also a great way to boost your SEO. Welcome to the new age of marketing, in which your greatest asset is an enthusiastic customer who is willing to rave about your products online.Make sure you are taking advantage of the three most crucial opportunities to engage your customers at the most critical moments of their purchase cycle to generate fun, engaging, and positive user generated content for your business.

Marketing platform Zinrelo on the importance of a social angle to boost retailer’s success

Footwear Plus Magazine, September issue, 2016 In a social media obsessed age, the ability for retailers to navigate that world, understand how it affects business and be able to profit from it is not just an asset – it’s paramount. Footwear Plus Magazine, a leading B2B fashion publication of the footwear industry interviewed Samir Palnitkar on the the growing importance of social and how its social, referral and loyalty platform helps retailers in acquiring, converting and retaining their customers.

Safe and Vault Store Secures Conversions from Social Referral Traffic

Total Retail, September, 2016 Safe and Vault Store, a manufacturer and online retailer of safes and vaults, is using a referral marketing strategy via social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to help it acquire new customers. In episode 51 of Total Retail Talks, Dominic Schwebs, website administrator for Safe and Vault Store, discusses how the referral program works, the results it has been producing, and tips for other retailers on how to use referral marketing as a sales driver. Hear the podcast to know more.

6 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty at Every Touch Point

Convince and Convert, July 26, 2016 Nurturing consumers into loyal customers is growing more complicated as customer touchpoints proliferate. However, in order to build loyalty, online retailers need to engage with them at all the touchpoints. The article from Convince & Convert explains with examples, how eCommerce merchants can engage users at every touchpoint and create loyal customers through 360 degree engagement.

Why Personalized Referral Programs Work

Demandware, May 19, 2016 Shoppers do not appreciate being anonymous to companies they frequent, and don’t like being lumped into broad demographic segments. They want personalized service. Retailers know this. And yet, many fail to personalize their online referral campaigns. This article on Demandware shows how to personalize your referral program.

ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) Emphasizes Role of Social Media in Predator Nutrition Loyalty Program

Loyalty360, May 18, 2016 Loyalty platform ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) earned a big partnership recently, with the announcement that sports nutrition company Predator Nutrition selected the company to design and execute its loyalty program. The program encourages not only transactional engagement, but also social recommendations, offering points for things like social media engagement and writing reviews. Loyalty360 spoke with Jai Rawat, CEO & Founder of ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo), about what sets the program apart from competitors.

How to Boost Participation In Your E-Commerce Loyalty Program

Prisync, May 6, 2016 Success of your loyalty program depends largely on how popular it is with your target audience. According to a recent loyalty census conducted by Colloquy, 58% of customers registered in loyalty programs, don’t actively participate in said programs. Learn how to take your loyalty program from ordinary to outstanding so boosting customer participation and ultimately your company’s revenue and reputation.

How To Convert Site Visitors Into Brand Ambassadors With Social Media

Volusion, April 21, 2016 Word-of-mouth has eventually evolved and revolutionized marketing with the advent of social media. This article published on Volusion’s blog, highlights top 5 ways eCommerce merchants can leverage the potential of word-of-mouth marketing and convert their website visitors into active brand ambassadors through social media channels.

Referral Marketing Pays Off for invino

Total Retail, March, 2016 invino, a private sale shopping community for wine lovers, wanted to use its members’ passion for the brand — and its wine — to help it recruit new members and, ultimately, customers. The online retailer worked with social commerce platform ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) to embed a “Refer a Friend” app on its website, offering visitors a free bottle of wine for sharing invino’s website with friends and family. In episode 28 of Total Retail Talks, Tony Westfall, CEO of invino, talks about the referral program and the impact it’s had on invino’s business. Hear the podcast to know more.

6 Considerations for Customer Loyalty Programs

Demandware, February 25, 2016 What are loyalty program best practices? How much should you invest? And how do you ensure that your program is effective? Know about the 6 considerations for a successful loyalty program.

Engage Your Users 24×7 With a 360 Degree Loyalty Program

Americaneagle.com, January 18th, 2016 According to Gartner, 80% of all future customer revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. SEO and content competition is the highest it’s ever been, making it harder to retain the customer’s attention. This created the need to integrate a customer retention strategy that helps to build continuous engagement and loyalty. Learn how a customer retention strategy using a 360 degree loyalty program can boost your sales.

Referrals: The Missing Link of Omnichannel Retail

Demandware, January 17, 2016 According to Google, 90% of online shoppers begin a transaction on one device and complete it on another, and expect continuity and consistency all along the way. An omnichannel referral program can help you delight your customer from the discovery phase to transaction by consistently delivering your brand message at multiple touch points, online and offline. This article shares the omni-channel strategies to significantly increase effectiveness of a referral program.

Social Media is Turning Loyalty Programs on Their Ear

Demandware, December 15, 2015 Loyalty programs have been revolutionized by social media. Providing a customer-centric experience using social media in your loyalty program that allows modularity and gives your customers a chance to be heard is the secret of a successful social loyalty program. The article shares few tips on how to design such a social loyalty program for your business.

Building an Integrated Loyalty Program that Works Online and Offline

Americaneagle.com, February 5, 2015 Customer loyalty increases customer retention, maximizes engagement and drives up customer spend. The article explores how an integrated loyalty program across online and offline channels can work wonders for marketers and drive up sales.

Retailers Searching for Consumer ‘Love’ on Facebook

Yahoo, June 2, 2014 What is the most opportune moment to convert your shopper visitors to your website into Facebook Fans? The article explains how online retailers can acquire real Facebook fans who are passionate about their brand and will be more willing to become brand ambassadors.

How To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Promoters on Facebook

HubSpot, May 15, 2014 For retailers, Facebook has been a gold mine. It is a major source that helps in boosting online and offline traffic and sales for retailers. HubSpot and ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) joined hands to publish an infographic on how retailers can use Facebook to drive sales for their business.