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Brands do not get Customer Data

The pandemic has accelerated the shift towards multichannel shopping, and brands must provide a seamless experience for the customers. Distribution channels are a crucial part of the supply chain as they can get your product to the right retailer (or other business customers) at the right time. However, brands don’t have a direct connection with their customers and must rely on the distribution channel for accurate reporting. With expansion and growth, it becomes difficult to keep track of the sales through different channels. Brands are unable to get zero-party & first-party data. The result is a huge chunk of customer information gets overlooked!

Loyalty Program Receipt Scanning Solution

Brands can collect Zero-party & First-Party Data through Zinrelo’s Receipt Scanning

Zinrelo’s loyalty program receipt scanning feature enables brands to award points to customers for offline purchases. This is useful when the brand doesn’t own the sales channel. With the promise of loyalty points brands encourage their customers to sign up for a loyalty program. After the customer uploads the receipt, the brands establish a direct line of communication with their customers and get zero-party, first-party data.

Benefits of Loyalty Program with Receipt Scanning

The receipt scanning module is designed to incentivize customers to join a brand’s loyalty program. With this feature, the brand can bring customers buying from third-party channels under the umbrella of their loyalty program. This leads to the following questions being answered:

This provides more insights into the customer preferences leading to better customer segmentation. With the advances in technology, brands and manufacturers are focused on capturing tons of valuable data present in receipts. Brands can create a 360-degree customer view using the purchase history from third-party stores. This enables them to run more comprehensive marketing programs that create loyalty across different customer touchpoints both online and offline.

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Receipt Scanning Process

Zero-Party & First-Party Data, Direct Customer Access, Insights

Knowing customer behavior is critical to any business marketing strategy. These insights allow brands to allocate resources, plan accordingly and target more customers. In the absence of a direct connection with the smaller retailers, brands and manufacturers are unable to collect the required Zero-party & first-party data at the right time to establish a direct connect with the customer This vast pool of valuable data can be collected with a simple receipt, enabling tracking on a real-time basis. Receipts act as proof of purchase and provide a strong link of precision marketing for brands not having a direct connection with their point of sale. Receipt scanning can be of immense value for brands and manufacturers. The biggest advantage is it empowers them with information that can help them target their loyal customers with offers that will appeal to them.

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