Strengthen Your In-Store Customer Relationship By Integrating Your Point Of Sales (POS) System With A Loyalty Platform


Lack of customer data can weaken customer relationships

It is challenging for brands to retain customers at in-store locations. Many brands do not have their POS system integrated with a loyalty platform. This can result in a lack of customer loyalty and an unsatisfactory customer experience. 89% of customers switch brands due to bad customer experience. By integrating your Point of Sales system with Zinrelo’s loyalty platform, brands can provide instant discounts and rewards and get valuable information at checkout.

3 Essential Aspects Of A Loyalty Program Integrated With A POS System

The first step is to get users registered in the loyalty program. Brands should focus on making this easier for users by clearly communicating the process and benefits customers can avail of. Here are some simple ways how you can control the customer in-store loyalty enrollment experience-

User Enrollment

enrollment at the POS
Self-enrollment at a
kiosk in the store
Self-enrollment through
a QR code

Points Earning

After members enroll in the loyalty program, they should be able to earn points for the purchases they make in the store.

Points Redemption

When members visit the store, they should be able to redeem their points for discounts and other rewards.


Businesses can streamline in-store customer experience
with a POS-integrated loyalty platform

POS systems integrated with a loyalty platform can be a game-changer for brands. POS integrated loyalty programs ensure a better customer experience and instant gratification for your customers from making a purchase and leaving your store. The system allows multichannel and multilocation use of customer data to manage loyalty programs within the integrated system. Zinrelo also enables brands to create an online catalog of eligible rewards and redemption.


Quick Enrolment, Instant Rewards, Easy Redemption, Efficient Data Collection

Zinrelo’s partnership with multiple solutions makes earning rewards much easier and quicker. It also allows members to convert their loyalty points to gift cards and use them for in-store purchases.

, Point Of Sales (POS) System Integration with Zinrelo Loyalty Platform

Zinrelo Supports The Following POS Systems With
Native Integrations Or Partner Solutions

, Point Of Sales (POS) System Integration with Zinrelo Loyalty Platform

How Zinrelo’s Loyalty Platform Enhances Customer Experience

Zinrelo’s loyalty platform integrates with the POS systems to fetch data of buyer and their purchase information. This allows member registration and rewarding points for the transactions. Here are some ways Zinrelo can help to collect data:

Native Integrations

Zinrelo is natively integrated with many popular POS systems.

Partner Solutions

Zinrelo can efficiently collect customer data, purchase history, and location of loyalty program members through its partnership with solutions that integrate the loyalty platform with your POS.

Custom Integrations

Zinrelo’s custom integrations use APIs or batch files to sync existing data in the POS with the loyalty platform.

Simplified Redemption Experience

Native Integrations

POS systems having a native integration with Zinrelo can sync members’ available rewards in the POS system at the time of making a purchase. The cashier can then choose and apply a reward to the purchase.

Coupon Codes

For POS systems supporting coupon codes, Zinrelo can manage the distribution of codes to the members. Members can then use the codes in the store to claim the rewards.

Partner Solutions

Zinrelo has partnered with solutions that enable members to convert their loyalty points to gift cards and use them for store purchases.

Online Rewards Catalog

Zinrelo’s loyalty platform can help you set up a catalog of rewards that can be redeemed both in-store and online. These may include 3rd party gift cards or a curated catalog of branded products. Zinrelo has partnered with fulfillment vendors to enable an online rewards catalog.

Experience The Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

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