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Fabricio Sant’Anna
Marketing Manager
Raphael Faccarello
 E-Commerce Manager
Tim Meyer
Account Manager
Nature’s Fusions – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Yon-Ka Paris Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Tim Meyer, Account Manager, France & Son
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Experience The Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

We’ve added growth zing to 100s of businesses. Contact us to learn how your business can benefit from Zinrelo too!

Reviews across different platforms


Stride Rite

Pia Shah
Marketing Analyst

“The loyalty program helped us create stronger customer engagement and we have seen the average order value increase by 25.29%”

Raphael Yonka

Yon-Ka Paris

Raphael Faccarello
E-Commerce Manager

“We have seen a 48% increase in revenue compared to last year and this is directly attributable to the zinrelo loyalty reward program. This is phenomenial!”

Sandy Oracle

Oracle Lightining

Sandy Crespo-Mossi
Operations Manager

“Our customers are more loyal because we can engage with them better through the Loyalty Rewards Program. Every part of the loyalty program was designed carefully to achieve maximum results. The loyalty program has helped us boost our repeat purchase revenues by 154%”

Anthony Scott - Atrantil


Anthony Scott
Director of Digital Operations

“The results from the rewards program are encouraging; in just 6 months after launching the rewards program our customer retention rate has increased by 14X.”

Bryan Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly

Bryan Pergakis
Digital Marketing

“We achieved a 77% increase in customer retention. The results were amazing!”

Natalia - KPS Essential

KPS Essentials

Natalie Novak-Bauss

“Zinrelo identified potential areas to boost the revenues and suggested strategies to achieve it. I loved their methodical approach to achieve our business objectives.”

Bill Lindsay-President at Stage 3 Motorsports

Stage 3 Motorsports

Bill Lindsay

“Zinrelo’s structured approach to create engagement with our customers was fantastic. The results we have witnessed in just 3 months is astounding. I am excited to see how Zinrelo can further improve our business growth.”

Chromatic Coffee

Chromatic Coffee

Donald Miguel
Operations Manager

“We were extremely delighted in the way Zinrelo worked with us to identify pain points in customer retention and helped structure an optimized rewards program to keep customers coming back. Not only has our customer retention increased, Zinrelo provoked all sorts of customer engagement. We’ve received plenty of positive feedback, and even some suggestions for rewards they’d like to see – they’re having fun.”

Alex German- German Bliss

German-Bliss Equipment

Alex German
Marketing Manager

“We love Zinrelo’s structured approach to create an optimized loyalty program. We were able to increase the number of repeat purchasers significantly which has helped us increase repeat purchase revenues by 85%.”

Shelbi Cool horse


Shelbi Johnson
Marketing Manager

“We were able to capitalize on the holiday season wave with Zinrelo’s platform. Not only can Zinrelo help reap benefits, but also sustain such growth. Our repeat purchase revenue increased by 12.45% over and above our holiday season high.”



Sam Gastro

“Great service with extremely professional customer support. Very happy with the response time from these guys! Would recommend giving them a try.”



Brittany Boykow
Director of E-Commerce

“Zinrelo’s data sciences team helped me to optimize the structure of our program. Within just three months after the launch, we witnessed an impressive 26.72% improvement in customer retention and a 23.39% increase in repeat purchase revenue. Loyalty email campaigns played a vital role in this success and we are eager to explore other opportunities to engage our customers further.”

Diane Missel-min

Blue Rose Pottery

Diane Missel

“Within just three months of launching the loyalty rewards program, we witnessed an impressive 30.75% increase in customer retention which increased our repeat purchase revenue by 31.44%. We are incredibly happy with the results! The loyalty email campaigns worked wonders and we are eager to explore other opportunities to engage our customers further.”

Chris Bair

Keto Chow

Chris Bair

“Zinrelo’s suggestion to target customers to increase their AOV worked very well. Having a rewards program helps us keep them engaged and even gives us a simple way to encourage sharing Keto Chow with their friends. Our customers buy from us to follow a healthier keto lifestyle. It is phenomenal to see an increase of 20.76% in average order value (AOV)”

Somer Bromwell, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Essence Royal

Essence Royal

Somer Bromwell
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

“We witnessed an impressive 84% lift in our revenues in just three months. This is amazing! We are delighted to see the immense value delivered by Zinrelo in such a short time frame!”

Kids warehouse

Kids Warehouse

Anabel Peralta
E-commerce Manager

“The structure which Zinrelo proposed was backed by sound data analysis. I was amazed to see the insights we got. Our customers are now engaged better with our brand. I am more than satisfied with the program.”

Fabricio Santanna - Natures Fusion

Nature’s Fusions

Fabricio Sant’Anna
Marketing Manager

“We intuitively know that loyalty reward programs help increase repeat sales. The A/B testing helped quantify the impact.”

Chris Weiss - half time beverages

Half Time Beverages

Chris Weiss
Director of Marketing

“Halftime Beverages We partnered with Zinrelo to build out our customer loyalty program for our ecommerce platform, and so far it has been nothing but a great experience. The platform itself is quite intuitive and approachable, and their support team was super helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg for what Zinrelo can do so far, and I have full confidence that it will boost our customer relationships and sales in a myriad ways.”


France & Son

Tim Meyer
Account Manager

“Patient, kind and quick! Zinrelo’s support team is world class. I can only image how much of a pain it was helping me to understand errors and getting me on track to correcting their problem. True experts in the field. Functionality, support team and overall ease of use, is unparalleled among every other Shopify app I’ve installed.”

Experience The Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

We’ve added growth zing to 100s of businesses. Contact us to learn how your business can benefit from Zinrelo too!