Loyalty Platforms Landscape in Canada

“The loyalty programs market in the country will increase from US $3,906 million in 2021 to US $6,718 million by 2026”. The loyalty programs market in Canada has recorded strong growth over the last four quarters, supported by brands and retailers focusing on customer retention. This report gives brands an overview of the trends in the loyalty market in Canada and how brands can stay one step ahead by launching a world class loyalty program.

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Boost Holiday Season Revenue with a Holistic Loyalty Program!

Personalization and omnichannel approach enable brands to look at loyalty programs with a holistic approach. Loyalty programs can only be orchestrated effectively if the strategy, data, and technology work in complete synchronization with each other. This holiday guide delivers actionable insights on designing a holistic loyalty campaign to boost sales and revenue during the holiday season.

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Rising Trend Of Gamification in Loyalty Programs

Gamification has a multitude of benefits, along with helping loyalty programs excel. Statistics highlight that gamifying only the website increases the browsing time by 30%. Gamified activities boost customers’ sense of belonging with a brand.

Let’s understand more about gamification and its benefits in this whitepaper along with examples of how brands are leveraging this to their advantage.

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Leverage Customer Loyalty to Boost Revenues – Holiday Season Whitepaper 2021

The Holiday Season is the perfect time to connect with your friends and family. There is a festive mood in the air and businesses thrive during this period. In fact, holiday season has become the biggest opportunity for boosting sales volume and revenues. For businesses it is critical to prepare themselves to leverage this annual bonanza. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 3x to 35x higher than selling to a new one and 65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers.

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Loyalty Program Landscape For 2021

How loyalty programs will evolve in 2021? 2020 was a challenging year for businesses across the globe. Customer experience was severely impacted, causing shifts in customer behaviour and accelerating certain trends. With lockdowns in place across the globe, brick-and-mortar stores were badly hit; the United States alone witnessing 25,000+ store closures. On the other hand, online and e-commerce stores in certain industry verticals witnessed a dramatic increase in their web traffic and sales.

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5 Simple Steps to Acquire New Customers Through an Effective Referral Marketing Program

Referral marketing is known to yield the highest quality leads for a wide range of businesses, at great cost-effectiveness. A good referral program can help you rapidly acquire new customers and generate an ROI of 10X or greater. Download the whitepaper to implement the simple referral strategies that can truly help you leverage the power of word-of mouth marketing.

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