Top 5 Loyalty Programs in Brazil: Driving Loyalty With Data and Strategic Partnerships!

Top Customer Loyalty Programs-Brazil

Top Five Loyalty Programs in Brazil

The loyalty landscape in Brazil is evolving. Customers who previously preferred cash-focused loyalty solutions are moving towards experiences and personalized rewards. 84% of millennials want loyalty programs to have more experiential rewards over discounts and cashback.

In addition, the demand for digitally-powered loyalty programs is increasing in Brazil. Brands leverage data-driven offers and rewards to influence purchase behavior and encourage loyalty. Many brands invest in deep data analytics and advanced technology platforms to align their loyalty offerings with customer demands.

This article will decode what makes Brazil’s top loyalty programs so popular.

Loyalty Programs That Are Winning in Brazil

1. Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Nescafe’s loyalty club allows members to win exclusive and personalized rewards. Nescafe also allows members to sync their generation 1 and Neo machines with the loyalty program. As a result, members can earn loyalty points every time they use the machine.

Loyalty program members can also join the subscription plan, which allows them to win exclusive benefits as they spend more. In addition, the subscription plan allows Nescafe to collect valuable customer data like purchase frequency and product preferences.


Top Loyalty Program in Brazil: Nescafe Brazil

Benefits of the program:

  • Members receive a unique code on purchasing a box of capsules which can be entered on the website to win loyalty points or rewards.
  • Members can use the points to get product discounts or win exclusive perks.
  • Members get rewarded for shopping, engagement, and real-time consumption.

Key takeaway:

  • Nescafe has incentivized the complete coffee/tea drinking experiences for customers by adding flexibility in reward-earning opportunities.

2. Carrefour

Carrefour’s loyalty program, ‘My Carrefour,’ offers customers many point-earning opportunities via its loyalty app. From purchases to games, customers can earn rewards for frequently engaging with the brand.

My Carrefour members can access many customized coupons based on their purchase behavior. The brand also allows members to try out select products for free. In addition, members can participate in monthly challenges to win coins, which can be redeemed for rewards.

Benefits of the program:

  • Members receive personalized coupons based on purchase history and app data.
  • Carrefour Card holders enjoy exclusive benefits and interest-free installments.
  • Members are eligible for special discounts on finding purple tags on products.

Key takeaway:

  • Carrefour has leveraged personalization and data analytics to enhance customer experience and drive frequent engagement.

3. Seedz

Seedz is a coalition loyalty program in the agriculture industry. The platform connects buyers and sellers in the agriculture sector and enhances their shopping experience by incentivizing purchases and actions.

Benefits of the program:

  • Members can redeem Seedz for exclusive products and experiences like bill payments, mobile recharges, gift vouchers, and much more.
  • Members can redeem Seedz for their farm, which includes services like laboratory analysis, fertilizers, consulting, etc.
  • Members can enjoy free shipping on products by paying with Seedz.

Key takeaway:

  • Seedz is utilizing loyalty partnerships to deliver valuable experiences and rewards to customers.

4. United Airlines

United Airlines’ frequent flyer program, Mileage Plus, is among Brazil’s largest airline loyalty solutions. United’s partnership with 14 airlines and Star alliance allows members to earn and redeem miles across 39 airlines, other hotels, and rental partners.

The miles earned through loyalty programs never expire, allowing members to redeem them at their preference. Members can also share or request miles from other Mileage Plus members.


Top Loyalty Program in Brazil: United Airlines

Benefits of the program:

  • Members can get discounts on flights by paying part of their ticket fare using miles.
  • Premier members enjoy complimentary access to Economy Plus and
  • preferred seating, waived fees, upgrades, priority travel services, and more.
  • Members can earn bonus miles by completing specific actions.

Key takeaway:

  • United Airlines can deliver relevant and valuable rewards and experiences to loyal customers through loyalty partnerships.

5. VOILÀ Hotel rewards

Unlike other hotel loyalty programs, VOILÀ Hotel Rewards is not restricted to a single brand. Instead, members can stay at any independent hotel and still earn exciting rewards. In addition, members can redeem loyalty points globally with partners, including airlines, retailers, and rental companies.

The loyalty program allows members to transfer points to other VOILÀ members. Members can earn points for up to three rooms per stay. The brand leverages its loyalty app to track customer activity and understand their preferences & requirements.

Benefits of the program:

  • Members have complimentary access to the fitness & wellness center.
  • Members get access to on-property VOILÀ manager assistance.
  • Platinum Members enjoy experiences such as priority reservations, special welcome amenities, and complimentary access to the executive lounge.

Key takeaway:

  • Through data collection and analytics, VOILÀ Hotel Rewards delivers experiences and rewards that customers want, leading to higher customer satisfaction.


The loyalty program market in Brazil is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% by 2026. Brazilian customers want to see loyalty programs from their preferred brands, leading to high competition in the loyalty market. As a result, brands should design innovative, data-driven loyalty programs to stand out from the competition.

Leveraging deep data analytics, advanced technical platforms, and strategic partnerships have become crucial for brands to boost loyalty and drive brand engagement.