Holistic customer loyalty software
to nurture long-term loyalty

The customer loyalty landscape has changed drastically since 2020. To address this, the customer loyalty solution cannot take a traditional approach. The technology platform has become table stakes and that alone cannot address the modern issues. This requires a holistic loyalty software.

New Generation Customer Loyalty Solution

A new generation loyalty solution provides a world-class technology platform along with deep data analytics and strategic consultation.

Deep Data Analytics

Forecast customer behavior, create customer segments, and make informed decisions that boost ROI by analyzing customer data.

Strategic Consultation

Zinrelo designs strategies based on changing market scenarios. With customers at the center, the strategy guides the loyalty program to adapt and plan to attain sustainability.

Technology Platform

With out-of-the-box features and a headless architecture, Zinrelo has a robust and scalable enterprise technology platform. Privacy and a data-first approach are the cornerstones of the technology platform.

Benefits Realization With Zinrelo

Enterprise Loyalty Management Software Features

Multidimensional Loyalty

Transforms customer loyalty from transactional to an emotional one.


Zinrelo’s customer loyalty program enables brands to connect with customers on the channels they use most.

Experiential Rewards

Offer rewards that make customer’s life easy and exciting. Drive stronger brand loyalty with rewards beyond cashback and discounts.


Encourage participation in loyalty programs with gamified experiences. Gamification is the key to engage Gen-Z and Millennials.

Customer Loyalty Program Software Functionality Benefits


Zero And First-Party Data

Collect zero and first-party data for enhanced personalization.


Campaigns Module

Ability to setup rules for different customer segments for static & dynamic loyalty campaigns based on unlimited attributes.


Advanced Reporting

Zinrelo is a loyalty solution provider that enables you to track and analyze the performance of your loyalty program in real-time and provides actionable insights.


Loyalty Features

Setting tiers, activities, rewards, points expiration rules, etc.

Brands Endorsing Holistic Loyalty

Chromatic coffee case study - Zinrelo
Chromatic Coffee
Achieves 84.83% Increase in Customer Retention
German-Bliss EQUIPMENT
Achieves 85% Increase in Repeat Purchase Revenue
JellyBelly case study - Zinrelo
Jelly Belly
Increases Customer Retention by 77% and Repeat Purchase Revenue by 1.69X

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Happy Customers

Raphael Faccarello
 E-Commerce Manager


  We have seen a 48% increase in revenue compared to last year and this increase is directly attributable to the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program. This is phenomenal! 

Tim Meyer
Account Manager

  We are very happy with the Zinrelo support team, they are super responsive and help provide excellent solutions.

Fabricio Sant’Anna
Marketing Manager

The growth we witnessed with Zinrelo has exceeded our expectations. In one year, our repeat purchase revenues have increased by 2.32 times. That is incredible!

Yon-Ka Paris Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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France & Son Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Nature’s Fusions – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Customized Loyalty Solution For Your Industry



Financial Services

Financial Services


Healthcare & Wellness

IT and Software industry

IT & Software



Media & Publishing

Media & Publishing



Travel and Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality

and many more.

Building Holistic Loyalty Program Solution For Global Brands

and 100s more customers.

Loved By Customers, Awarded By Market Leaders!

G2 names Zinrelo as a Leading Loyalty Management Software

MarTech Outlook awarded
Zinrelo as Top Customer Data
Platform Provider 2022

GetApp names Zinrelo as Category Leaders for Customer Loyalty Software

Zinrelo wins the SourceForge
Leader Award in Customer
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Most Promising E Commerce
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Why Should I Launch A Loyalty Program?

A modern customer loyalty program can boost revenue by 85%. It can help brands form a community of loyal customers making your brand’s growth sustainable.

Can I Customize The Rewards In The Loyalty Management Software?

Zinrelo offers a wide range of rewards —from points and cashback to gamified rewards. Zinrelo regularly analyzes customer data to help brands create a world class loyalty program. In addition, brands can integrate 3rd party APIs to include unique rewards for customers.

Does Zinrelo Offer Omnichannel Loyalty?

Yes. Zinrelo offers omnichannel loyalty software that users can access through multiple channels —website, apps, 3rd party channels and in-store.

Can I Integrate Zinrelo’s Loyalty Management Software With Existing Systems?

Yes. With multiple APIs, Zinrelo ensures easy integrations with marketing automation systems, reviews management systems, eCommerce carts, Point of Sales and CRM systems.

Is A Referral Program And A Loyalty Program The Same?

The most basic difference between a loyalty software solution and referral program is -Customer loyalty program software rewards members for taking specific actions spanning from transactional to emotional loyalty. In comparison, a referral program rewards members for referring the brand to others.