Zinrelo’s Loyalty Program helps Stage 3 Motorsports increase customer retention by 26.01% in 3 months


Stag3 Motorsports increase customer retention - Zinrelo

Stage 3 Motorsports uses the Zinrelo loyalty rewards platform to achieve significant growth in three months.

Stage 3 Motorsports launched their rewards program powered by Zinrelo with a focus on increasing repeat purchases.

Stage 3 Motorsport operates in niche automobile performance parts. For them to be successful, it is vital to improve & maintain the loyalty of their customers. The Stage3 Motorsports Rewards program was created to provide a 360-degree engagement for the customers with the business. The program offers the members multiple points earning opportunities through simple actions like online purchases, writing reviews, birthday, anniversary & welcome bonus, and social sharing on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Within three months of launch, Stage 3 Motorsports witnessed a 1.26X increase in customer retention.

The gamification activities structured by Zinrelo proved to be an important element in imbibing and retaining customer loyalty. By accumulating points, members became eligible for rewards which made them more likely to stay loyal to the business. Such customers went on to become repeat buyers and yielded more revenue than first time purchasers. This led to a 21.22% increase in repeat purchase revenue.

“Zinrelo’s structured approach to create engagement with our customers was fantastic.” commented Bill Lindsay, President at Stage 3 Motorsports. “The results we have witnessed in just 3 months is astounding. I am excited to see how Zinrelo can further improve our business growth.”

“Zinrelo’s 360-degree engagement platform ensures top-of-the-mind recall.” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo, “By implementing the right mix of activities, the Zinrelo platform boosts customer retention which in turn increases the revenues.”

About Stage 3 Motorsports:

Stage 3 Motorsports is one of the leading performance parts online retailers in the U.S.

Source: prweb.com