Importance of Omnichannel Customer Loyalty

Importance of Omnichannel Customer Loyalty

Omnichannel marketing facilitates the buyer’s journey by offering a seamless shopping experience across all channels. The goal is to use every outlet at your disposal to convert the prospect into a customer. Today’s consumer engages with brands across a variety of channels and at many touchpoints. They value convenience above all else and those businesses with a solid omnichannel approach retain 89% of their customers. In short, customers who engage more with omnichannel businesses tend to be more loyal, loyalty programs are one of the easiest and fail-proof ways of implementing an omnichannel marketing experience.

Benefits of Omnichannel customer loyalty programs

Omnichannel Customer Loyalty Benefits

  • Higher Customer Engagement
    Customer loyalty needs to be nurtured continuously, and not only at the time of their purchase. Multiple points earning activities across various channels engage customers in a 360-degree manner. The points can be accrued and redeemed across multiple channels, and the loyalty rewards dashboard is also accessible through various channels. Whether it’s accumulated points balance, tier information, available rewards, or history of their past activities – it’s all available on the go. The customers get the convenience they seek and exhibit more loyalty towards such businesses.
  • Better Customer Segmentation
    Traditionally, businesses implemented customer loyalty programs either offline or online depending on how they operated. This still left out a large chunk of customers purchasing through third-party stores. The receipt scanning feature of omnichannel loyalty programs can be of immense value for brands. The biggest advantage is it empowers brands with information to segment these customers based on their interactions, purchase behavior, and other attributes. Moreover, the customers themselves provide immense data about their other purchases, purchase value, etc. which helps the brand better understand the customer, leading to customized promotional material & loyalty-based promotions. Such activities and communications ensure that the business has a good brand recall when the customer is looking to make a subsequent purchase.
  • Omnichannel customers are higher-spending customers
    As mentioned above, appealing to customers across multiple channels makes their journey easier. Therefore, that makes the customer happier, and a happier customer is a higher-spending customer. Don’t believe us? Then consider this fact: a study by Accenture found that a whopping 75% of B2B customers who reported having a solid omnichannel experience would purchase from the same brand again. Accenture surveyed over 500 large-size B2B companies and over 900 B2B buyers across multiple countries, so the results speak for themselves.


Omnichannel marketing allows you to remain relevant and competitive in a crowded market. Having so much competition means you need to figure out efficient and effective ways to stand out and really connect with your consumers. To not leverage, every channel at your disposal in this hyper-competitive digital marketing world only means that you’ll risk leaving many of those dollars on the table. In a growing digital landscape, omnichannel marketing allows you to connect with your customers through a personalized experience that can turn them into lifelong customers.