6 Trends in Fashion Loyalty Programs

Trends in Fashion Loyalty Programs

With increasing fashion brands every day, getting a loyal customer base and proven customer retention strategies is essential. As per Accenture, more than 90% of companies have a loyalty program for their customers. From paid membership rewards to special discounts and free products, there are many ways brands are trying to retain customers.

With evolving digital landscape, brands are also improvising loyalty programs to entice and engage users.
Fashion loyalty program trends to get inspired from:

1. H&M membership program

H&M membership program

H&M has a comprehensive membership plan for its online customers. An all-in-one digital loyalty rewards program where consumers earn points on every purchase and receive special offers, exclusive event invitations, etc. The unique aspect here is that users can’t become a “Plus” member unless they have 500 loyalty points. Generally, brands ask for a fee to join higher-tier loyalty programs, but H&M differs here.

Joining the membership is entirely free, and one must be above 16 years of age. With 500 rewards points, customers automatically are upgraded to the “Plus” tier.

How does it work?

Creating an account is super easy. Name, birthday, and age are the only questions asked. With each purchase, customers earn 1 point for $1 spent. After collecting 200 points, users get a reward of $5, which can be used on their next purchase.

Benefits of H&M membership reward program:

  • Welcome offer – 10% off on the first purchase as a new member of the program.
  • A birthday treat by H&M.
  • Free shipping over $25 with flexible payment options.
  • Surprise offers to members with special access to limited collections.
  • Exclusive perks

2. Hugo Boss Experience

Hugo Boss Experience

Hugo Boss is among the leading fashion brands with its widespread Hugo Boss Experience rewards program. One can quickly go through their reward updates and purchase history to understand how it works.

Not only does it provide a luxury membership reward, but it also enhances the buyers’ shopping experience.

Benefits of Hugo Boss membership reward:

  • Returns without receipt
    By signing up for the membership, users can return products without showing receipts.
  • Personal invitation to events
    Customers get personalized invitations for exclusive events and featured collections.
  • Exclusive gifts
    Members receive gifts and reward tickets after completing a particular milestone. Rewarding their efforts inspire users to spend more time in the loyalty program.

3. Bedhead Pajamas Loyalty Program

Bedhead Pajamas Loyalty Program

Bedhead Pajamas is a designer sleepwear brand with stores worldwide. The BedHead Moments loyalty program is designed to encourage users to spend on the website for further purchases. By earning and redeeming points, customers can use the points for additional discounts. The program has helped the company get a 2X increase in revenue per customer.

How does it work?

Customers make a purchase on the website and earn points for every dollar spent. The program allows customers to earn points via referrals, social shares, and more to earn coupons from $10 to $60.

Benefits by BedHead Moments loyalty program:

  • $10 coupon for every 500 points, $25 for 1000 points, and $60 for 2000 points.
  • Get points by sharing the website on multiple programs.
  • Discounts and gift rewards for purchasing on the website.

4. Lively: The Rewards Program

Lively The Rewards Program

Lively is another fashion brand that makes the best out of its loyalty program with unique bonus points. For example, there are certain events when users can get double points on the same action. Through email, Lively surprises its customers with such bonus point events. As a result, the strategy gets more effective, offering instant gratification.

How does it work?

With Lively’s tier-based points-earning program, customers can earn points at every stage. It goes into three stages

  • Tier one – Free Joining
  • Tier two – $115 annual spend
  • Tier three – $325 yearly spend

Each tier has different rewards and perks like birthday gifts and easy access to a new collection.

Another way of earning Lively Points includes:

  • Sing up to Lively and get 100 points
  • Refer to a friend to call 100 Points
  • Vote on new designs and upcoming collections
  • 50 points for a newsletter subscription
  • 50 points for social media following and 20 for reviewing the website

5. Taylor Stitch: The Common Club

Taylor Stitch The Common Club

A popular menswear brand Taylor Stitch has been utilizing loyalty rewards to boost brand advocacy online. First, with a high focus on simplifying the communication with customers. Taylor Stitch offers text, call, email, and chat as options to communicate. Secondly, the emphasis on the referral feature. From the pop-up box to the first offer users see on-site, it’s the 20-20 referral offer.

Benefits offered by the Taylor Stitch reward program:

  • Earn & apply
    With each purchase, customers earn a credit that they can use for the next purchase.
  • Digital wallet
    One can check payment history, points, and upcoming rewards at home in their digital account.
  • 20-20 profit
    By promoting a 20% off to a friend, consumers get $20 in credits as a referral reward.

6. Madewell Insider Program

Madewell Insider Program

Madewell Insider is a free loyalty program based on how much a customer spends. The more a customer shops, the better perks they get with multiple earning options.

How does it work?

Customers need to create an account with the Madewell Insider program and shop for their favorite products. There are numerous personalized rewards for customers, from free shipping to birthday gifts.

The point rewards work in steps:

  • One dollar means 1 point and double points for buying denim.
  • For every 250 points, buyers get $10 to spend.

Benefits offered by Madewell Insider loyalty reward:

  • One point for every dollar spent.
  • 2X points for buying a pair of Jeans.
  • Free shipping on all orders with free returns.
  • Buyers receive special gifts on birthdays.
  • Early access to exclusive collections.
  • Free personalization for personal style.

Final words

50% of consumers say their primary reason for joining a loyalty program is to earn rewards on everyday purchases.
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