Make Your Customers Fashionably Loyal with Top 5 Loyalty Programs in Fashion Industry

loyalty programs in the fashion industry

Loyalty programs are implemented across multiple verticals; and we showcased the top 5 loyalty programs across different industries in our last blog. In our Top Loyalty Program series, we will highlight different industries, starting with the fashion and apparel industry. This blog highlights the unique experience that characterize such programs. Unsurprisingly, it is not just about handing more rewards to customers, but rather, a more holistic customer experience by way of engagement!

1. Nike Plus:

Nike-plus loyalty program

Nike takes its name from the Greek Goddess of victory and has been the leaders in sportswear for decades. Nike evolved its longstanding NikePlus program to redefine loyalty in the fast-paced sportswear industry. Beyond omnichannel fulfillment, Nike has differentiated its services with an aim to create genuine athlete communities. Shifting consumer expectations demand a holistic approach to commerce and Nike has created a new benchmark via its loyalty program.

Nike made several changes to the NikePlus program, including adding free expedited shipping and experiential in-store rewards for members. Taking a step further from simply adding more perks, Nike introduced exclusive member rewards. These rewards provide members with personalized access to limited edition product collections corresponding to the training activities they prefer. Members get access to Nike partner programs like Headspace or Apple Music to assist them in meeting their goals. Member only sales, promotions, in-store events & services ensure that loyal customers receive curated experiences and exclusive benefits to stay engaged with the program.

2. H&M Membership:

H&M Membership Loyalty Solution

H&M is a fashion brand, offering the latest styles and inspiration. H&M prides itself in being more than just about fashion. With price, quality and sustainability deeply rooted in its DNA, H&M offers a chance to create a more sustainable future for the industry.

H&M has a unique initiative to inculcate sustainable shopping. It offers ‘Conscious Points’ for activities such as recycling old clothes or bringing your own shopping bag to the store. These conscious points transform into bonus vouchers, redeemable during the next purchase. It’s a win-win for customers as they are rewarded for making conscious choices, and augments the overall brand value proposition of H&M. The perks offered by the ‘Plus Member’ tier make it very aspirational – early access to events, surprise offers on birthdays & other holidays and exclusive access to unique collections and free shipping. To maintain engagement with the members, H&M awards points for shopping, rating and reviewing purchases and profile updating. For every 200 points earned, members get a voucher redeemable on their next purchase. All of this contributes to H&M providing an all-encompassing loyalty experience to their customers.

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H&M’s forward-thinking approach to sustainability shines through in its Loyalty Program.The coveted ‘Plus Member’ tier offers enticing privileges like early event access, birthday treats, and exclusive collections, making it an enticing goal for shoppers. By incentivizing actions like reviewing products and updating profiles, H&M ensures continuous engagement, reaffirming its commitment to fostering a community of fashion-conscious, environmentally-aware customers.

3. Patricia Nash Rewards

Patricia Nash loyalty program

Patricia Nash Designs was founded with an appreciation of exceptional craftsmanship, and a love for vintage-inspired keepsakes.

Patricia Nash Rewards Program aims to continuously engage customers. Social sharing activities, and writing product reviews in exchange for points ensures Patricia Nash is at the top of a customer’s mind during repeat purchases. The program’s tiered structure has proved critical to its success. Higher tiers allow members to earn points at a faster rate and earn more perks, ensuring exclusivity by way of special giveaways and exclusive events. If these perks were not enough to guarantee exclusivity, top-tiered members get early access to new arrivals and a free annual gift! Such rewards have a high perceived value and go a long way in forming an emotional bond with the brand.

4. ZARA Club

Zara Club loyalty program

Zara is one of the largest & globally recognized fashion brands in the world. Zara is a pioneer in the fast fashion model and has significantly disrupted the traditional fashion industry. Zara can react to new trends with great speed and that is what their customers love about them. The Zara rewards program is an extension of this brand philosophy.

Zara Club members get early access to the latest collections, leading to a very high perceived value among the fashion savvy customers. Further, Zara send outs a gift card every time a member accumulates 200 points. This reward could be a gift, discount coupon or a cash voucher. The customers thus have a burning desire to reveal the hidden prize and redeem their reward, creating brand engagement and pushing customers to earn more points. The gift aside, this activity adds a fun element and makes the customer feel valued. Such spontaneous offers along with free shipping and birthday discounts is how Zara’s loyalty program is winning their customers’ loyalty.

5. HappyFeet – Footwear

Happy Feet plus rewards program

Happy Feet Plus has been providing health and comfort footwear since 1985. Along with their in-house brand, HappyFeet sells a wide selection of footwear from Aetrex, Dansko, Vionic, Mephisto, etc. which are all built on sustainability. The thought of natural healing is so important to Happy Feet Plus that each store provides an advanced digital foot scan and a trained expert providing feet related help & consultation.

The Happy Feet Plus rewards program helps the brand instill emotional loyalty by gifting bonus points to customers on their birthdays. The program also provides top tier members with early access to promotions and offers. Happy Feet has partnered with Kenkoh and customers get additional points for purchasing Kenkoh products. As an icing on the cake, the Gold tier members get a chance to get featured on their social media platforms. Such recognition is always welcome and goes a long way to form an emotional bond.


It was certainly a year to be reckoned with, but that did not stop any of these brands from offering their customers unique rewarding experiences. Over the last decade, loyalty and customer rewards programs have proven to be an effective way to drive customer retention, boost lifetime value, and inspire loyalty. All of this reduces the prevalence of discounts, leading to improved profitability. Since loyalty programs are being implemented by everyone, the trick to stand out is by offering a unique customer experience that cannot be easily replicated with the top loyalty program provider for fashion and apparel industry. All the brands showcased above have done precisely that, contributing to their enduring success and appeal.

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