Zinrelo Revolutionizing Customer Loyalty for the 21st Century

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In an era where brand loyalty stands as a cornerstone of business growth, retailers are continually pursuing strategies to nurture enduring customer relationships by engaging existing clientele and attracting new ones. Although loyalty programs are an effective and proven means to achieve these goals, most of them have traditionally adhered to a one-size-fits-all transactional approach.

Zinrelo, a SaaS-based loyalty rewards platform, is pioneering a new era of customer loyalty for the 21st century retailer. The premium, enterprise-grade loyalty rewards platform caters to mid-market and enterprise Shopify customers. It crafts tailored engagement strategies for brands looking to build lasting customer relationships. The platform seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Shopify Plus, simplifying the technical setup complexities and allowing customers to effortlessly launch their loyalty programs in a few clicks. It also collaborates with customers to craft unique loyalty program strategies and provides ongoing consultation to continuously optimize the programs.

“Our strategy-first approach ensures that clients are not merely provided with a technology platform but receive a holistic solution for cultivating lasting customer loyalty,” – Jai Rawat, founder and CEO of Zinrelo.

At the heart of Zinrelo’s mission lies the commitment to elevate clients’ businesses by increasing customer retention and overall revenue through its comprehensive loyalty solution. It understands the significance of customer retention as a crucial driver of revenue and profitability for businesses and empowers retailers to implement fully customizable loyalty programs. Its integration with Shopify and the broader marketing stack helps ensure that loyalty becomes an integral part of the client’s marketing strategy. As part of its ongoing support, it provides resources like success recipes and seasonal marketing strategies to continually optimize loyalty programs.

Retailers leveraging Zinrelo’s platform and expertise see an average increase of 80 percent in repeat purchases. The innovative approach to building customer loyalty results in an average of 2.4 times more revenue per loyalty member and a 50 percent higher profitability for its customers.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from loyal customers play a pivotal role in acquiring new customers. Keeping this in mind, Zinrelo provides built-in referral functionality on the platform, enabling retail businesses to use their existing customer base to acquire new customers. Personalizing loyalty programs is another vital need for guaranteeing enhanced customer experiences, yet gathering the necessary customer data faces mounting challenges due to stringent privacy policies. Zinrelo’s loyalty platform aids retailers in collecting valuable zero-party and first-party data in a secure and compliant manner, which they can leverage for crafting targeted offers and personalized loyalty programs.

The platform promotes various facets of brand loyalty, including transactional, social, advocacy, engagement, behavioral, and emotional loyalty among customers. To further improve customer connect, Zinrelo incorporates gamification and other engagement modules into its platform. Retailers can use these to design quizzes, games, and hidden codes on their websites to incentivize customer participation.

This approach was taken by Stride Rite, an iconic children’s footwear brand that partnered with Zinrelo to boost revenue, increase average order value, and enhance customer engagement. Together they introduced the ‘Little Loyal’ program on Stride Rite’s website. Customers earned rewards through purchases, reviews, referrals, and social media activities, enjoying benefits like discounts, free shipping, early access to sales, and birthday bonuses. The tailored approach led to a 31 percent increase in customer retention, a 25 percent rise in average order value, and an impressive 43 percent growth in revenue per member.

Stride Rite Increases Customer Retention by 31% With Zinrelo’s Platform

Dive into the case study to discover the growth strategy of Stride Rite loyalty program.

customer loyalty revolution, Zinrelo Revolutionizing Customer Loyalty for the 21st Century

Although Zinrelo primarily serves retailers and consumer brands, its highly flexible platform is adaptable for use in other sectors such as healthcare, automotive, finance, groceries, travel, hospitality, and more. This adaptability sets it apart as a versatile loyalty solution provider.

Driven by the objective of transforming customer relationships into a powerful growth engine, Zinrelo elevates loyalty from a buzzword to a tangible catalyst for business success, differentiating it in a crowded marketplace.

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