Zinrelo’s Loyalty Program helps Chromatic Coffee increase customer retention to 84.83%


Chromatic Coffee Loyalty Program

Chromatic Coffee uses Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform to achieve revenue growth.

Chromatic Coffee had enlisted Zinrelo, with the objective of increasing revenues through the creation of a loyalty rewards program. Towards that end, Zinrelo undertook a comprehensive analysis of the current business, processes and data, and deployed its data sciences team to structure an optimized rewards program to address the identified bottlenecks. Chromatic Rewards was created to foster a 360-degree engagement with customers, leading to improved retention & increased repeat purchase revenues making a second purchase.

For Chromatic Coffee, it was vital to engage customers immediately after their first purchase, ensuring better brand recall during the second purchase decision. To keep customers engaged with the brand & the loyalty program, loyalty points were awarded for various activities – like purchases, social sharing, referrals and account creation. These points could then be redeemed for discounts coupons, Chromatic Coffee merchandise, as well as some aspirational rewards as well! Such gamification of earning points and redeeming rewards kept Chromatic Coffee at the top of customers’ mind! This strategy increased the Chromatic Coffee second-time purchasers by 52%.

Along with gamification activities, the customized loyalty tiers structured by Zinrelo proved to be a crucial element of the loyalty program. As the customers progressed through the tiers, they became eligible for incremental monetary and non-monetary benefits associated with each tier. These tiers played a pivotal role in customers coming back for repeat purchases from Chromatic Coffee. Such 360-degree engagement through the rewards program increased Chromatic Coffee’s customer retention to 84.83%. This led to the repeat purchase revenue increasing to 84.06% at the end of Q1-2021.

“We were extremely delighted in the way Zinrelo worked with us to identify pain points in customer retention and helped structure an optimised rewards program to keep customers coming back. commented Donald Miguel, Operations Manager at Chromatic Coffee, “Not only has our customer retention increased, Zinrelo provoked all sorts of customer engagement. We’ve received plenty of positive feedback, and even some suggestions for rewards they’d like to see – they’re having fun”.

“At Zinrelo, we believe a one-size-fits-all solution does not provide optimum results.” said Samir, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo, “We conduct detailed data analysis, identify areas of improvement and structure a rewards program to target specific growth objectives and deliver results.”

About Chromatic Coffee:
Chromatic Coffee pride themselves as a purveyor of carefully sourced, crafted, and roasted coffees. In October of 2012 Chromatic Coffee opened its roastery and cafe in Santa Clara for customers. Since then, Chromatic Coffee has won many accolades and 5-star ratings on various platforms.

Source: prweb.com