KPS Essentials increase repeat purchase revenues by 46.54%


KPS Essentials Loyalty Program-

KPS Essentials uses Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform to boost overall business growth.

KPS Essentials had very clear business objectives – improving customer retention and repeat purchase revenue. They launched the Essentials Rewards program with Zinrelo’s platform to systematically achieve these objectives.

While evaluating loyalty rewards platforms, KPS Essentials was looking for a solution that had a data centric approach for optimization and could be customized to suit their needs. Zinrelo’s platform was the ideal fit. KPS Essentials found it simple to install and easy to customize as per their requirements.

Zinrelo studied KPS Essential’s past purchase data to pinpoint the potential areas of growth and to suggest an optimum rewards program structure. The Essential Rewards program offers customers multiple points earning opportunities to create a 360-degree engagement. Customers are rewarded points for purchases made on website, referrals, birthday bonus, welcome bonus and sharing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest). Due to the program structure, customer retention increased by 54.26%. The engagement created by the program coupled with rewards like shipping discounts, birthday bonus points and tier-based perks encouraged members to buy frequently. The repeat purchase frequency increased by 82.78% in one year after the launch of the program.

“Zinrelo identified potential areas to boost the revenues and suggested strategies to achieve it.” commented Natalie Novak-Bauss, Owner of KPS Essentials. “I loved their methodical approach to achieve our business objectives.”

With significant increase in customer retention and the purchase frequency, the revenue per member increased by 2.19X. This resulted in the repeat purchase revenues increasing by 46.54%.

“Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform is helping businesses make deep, long-lasting connections with their customers.” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo. “Such strong engagement ensures that customers do not migrate to competitors, resulting in repeat business.”

About KPS Essentials:

KPS Essentials stands on two core pillars: use performance to reshape the organic skincare industry and give abundantly to causes close to the founders’ hearts. Through research, creativity, and hard work, they were able to create performance-based, clinically validated, organic skincare. KPS Essentials pride themselves on sourcing their ingredients from sustainable, clean, and environmentally conscious suppliers.