Can Zinrelo’s Loyalty Program Help Businesses Establish a Loyal Customer Base?

Investing in generic and substandard rewards programs costs businesses a lot. They fail to attract or retain customers. Businesses that are spending on a rewards program must opt for fully branded loyalty programs that guarantee repeat customers. Zinrelo’s Loyalty Rewards Program offers businesses the perfect chance to maximize customer engagement.

My Rewards Dashboard

As a company, Zinrelo has been at the forefront of creating modern rewards platforms that are customer-centric. The company has used data from previous operations to create an enterprise-grade loyalty rewards platform that promises to address every demand that businesses have.

Is this ‘360-degree loyalty rewards program’ worth the money?

Assessing Zinrelo’s Loyalty Rewards Program

Zinrelo loyalty rewards platform is suitable for mid-size, and big businesses. Any business that wants to launch its own customer rewards package can benefit from using this program. In the past, businesses have registered an 80% rise in repeat sales and a 50% increase in productivity.

But is the loyalty rewards program suitable for all businesses.

Here’s a look at Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program’s key features

Easy to Award Customer Points – The platform enables businesses to reward their customers with loyalty points for over a hundred activities. From referrals to sharing the business details on social media websites – customers have ample opportunity to score loyalty points. The customer loyalty features of this program are as good as it gets.

Using this program, businesses can

  • Track the activities of users
  • Give out valid gift card amounts to customers for proactive steps.
  • Include customers in special ‘Loyalty Programs’ as soon as they complete the required activity.
  • Manage the members in the Loyalty Programs
  • Track all referrals and shares on social media websites

This loyalty rewards program from Zinrelo makes customer activity tracking very easy. Consequently, managing rewards is also easier.

Simplicity – The platform is very easy to use. It is flexible enough to adapt to pre-existing reward tiers, dashboards, etc. Plus, Zinrelo’s dedicated customer service team ensures that processes such as onboarding, integration, testing, etc. all go smoothly.

Data Science Usage – Zinrelo’s data science team may assess a business’ past purchase data to design a well-suited rewards program for that business.

Machine Learning – Zinrelo uses ML algorithms to segment customers into appropriate groups automatically. ML algorithms also suggest suitable rewards strategies for different customer segments. Then, the platform’s campaign engines run promotions that are best suited for each group.

Website Boost – Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards program features a flexible SaaS architecture. This makes the program extremely scalable. The application program interface doesn’t interfere with the business website. Instead, it boosts the website’s quality as users receive automatic notifications once they meet certain criteria.

Loyalty Programs By Business Type

Zinrelo supports loyalty programs for:

1. Ecommerce Companies who deals in buying & selling goods over the internet

Ecommerce business type

2. OmniChannel Companies (Brick & Mortar) – Multichannel sales approach where customers can be shopping online from a desktop, mobile, telephone or in a bricks & mortar store.

Omni-Channel Ecommerce- Brick & Mortar- Phone App- by Zinrelo


3. Brands & Manufacturers who sell via distributors, retailers, or marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay.

Brands - Manufacturers Receipt Scanning - zinrelo

4. B2B Companies – Online transaction is done between business to business

Rewards program B2B Companies

5. Subscription Services Companies 

Subscription Services Companies- Zinrelo


Zinrelo can be easily integrated with various eCommerce & email service providers such as

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Miva Merchant
  • Demandware
  • 3dcart
  • Listrak
  • Oracle NetSuite
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

What Makes this Program Stand Out?

In terms of features and quality of service, there aren’t many loyalty reward programs in the market that can outperform Zinrelo. However, the one feature that makes Zinrelo stand out is the use of data science and ML algorithms.

Additionally, the company’s superb service and support team work actively with all customers, making their journey smoother.


  • Amazing customer loyalty features
  • Can be deployed on multiple platforms
  • Feature-rich
  • 24/7 support
  • Perfect for eCommerce stores
  • Email notification engine enables users to send out relevant promotions to suitable customers
  • Users report a growing customer base. The data collected from these customers help in improving the program’s efficiency


  • Needs to add more custom templates
  • Lack of deep customization in some features

Technical Details

Device Supported :-  Web-based

Deployment – Cloud

Languages:- English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portugese

Pricing:- Monthly, Annually, Quote-based


Email ([email protected]) , Phone (+1 650 701 7759) & Live Chat

Zinrelo’s platform helps businesses stop overspending on promotions and invest in customers for guaranteed results! Given that this program is so easy to implement (thanks to Zinrelo’s superb support team), Zinrelo’s Loyalty Rewards Program is the best cost-effective option for businesses.

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