Best Cruise Loyalty Programs to Sail With Success

Best Cruise Loyalty Reward Programs


Cruise lines have long understood the value of cultivating deep relationships with their passengers. In the vast ocean and the idea of exploring new horizons, cruise loyalty programs have become an important aspect of not only rewarding the customers but also improving the experience of the journey for every traveler. For businesses within the cruise industry, these programs represent a strategic approach designed to foster repeat business, elevate guest experiences, and navigate through competitive waters with grace.

What is a Cruise Loyalty Program?

A cruise loyalty program is a structured initiative by cruise lines to reward passengers for their journeys. These programs are meticulously crafted to offer a tiered system of rewards, where each new level unlocks a treasure trove of perks, privileges, and personalized touches. From priority boarding to exclusive events and complimentary upgrades, loyalty programs are the cruise lines’ way of saying “thank you” and “welcome back” to their most dedicated adventurers.

These programs increase customer loyalty and help cruise lines create a powerful passenger experience.

Benefits of Cruise Rewards Programs

1. Enhanced Passenger Retention

Cruise loyalty programs reward travelers every time they set sail, turning the excitement of a new journey into a lasting tradition. This not only secures a stream of future bookings but also builds a family of cruisers who look forward to their next adventure on the high seas with their favorite line.

2. Personalized Guest Experiences

From cabin upgrades to special dining experiences, loyalty programs ensure that every cruise feels uniquely yours. Regular cruisers might find surprise perks that match their tastes, like a bottle of their preferred wine or a spa voucher, making each trip more memorable than the last. One personalized loyalty program can improve the passenger experience exponentially.

3. Increased Onboard Spending

With exclusive discounts and credits, loyalty members are more tempted to treat themselves to those little luxuries onboard, whether it’s a relaxing day at the spa, a premium dining experience, or an adventurous shore excursion they might not have considered otherwise.

4. Valuable Insights into Passenger Preferences

The data analysis of loyalty program interactions helps cruise lines map out what guests truly desire, from preferred destinations to favorite onboard activities. This treasure trove of information allows for finely tuned services and offerings, ensuring that future cruises hit the mark.

5. A Competitive Edge

In the vast ocean of travel options, an innovative loyalty program is like a lighthouse guiding passengers back to your cruise line. By offering distinct rewards and recognition, cruise lines can stand out, attracting both loyal customers and newcomers eager to discover the unique experiences that await them.

By focusing on these specific benefits, cruise lines can effectively utilize their loyalty programs not just as a tool for rewards, but as a strategic asset to enhance guest satisfaction, encourage onboard spending, and secure a loyal customer base in the competitive cruise industry.

Top Cruise Rewards Programs

  1. Crown & Anchor Society by Royal Caribbean
  2. Captain’s Circle by Princess Cruises
  3. VIFP Club by Carnival Cruise Line
  4. World’s Leading Cruise Lines Loyalty Program by MSC Cruises
  5. Latitudes Rewards by Norwegian Cruise Line
  6. Mariner Society by Holland America Line
  7. Castaway Club by Disney Cruise Line

1. Crown & Anchor Society by Royal Caribbean

Crown & Anchor Society Cruise Rewards Program by Royal Caribbean

About Royal Caribbean

Known for its innovative ships and a wide array of destinations, Royal Caribbean International sets sail to offer guests extraordinary experiences across the seas.

About the Crown & Anchor Society Loyalty Program

This program is designed to celebrate and reward the line’s most dedicated adventurers. With each cruise, passengers accumulate points that elevate their membership level, unlocking a host of benefits designed to enhance their cruising experience.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Exclusive onboard offers and discounts on amenities and services.
  2. Priority check-in and departure privileges to streamline the boarding process.
  3. Complimentary stateroom upgrades and bonus amenities for higher-tier members.
  4. Access to special events, including member-only parties and gatherings.
  5. Dedicated loyalty customer service to assist with bookings and inquiries.

Type of Loyalty Program

  • Tier-Status Level Program
  • Point-Based Loyalty Program

2. Captain’s Circle by Princess Cruises

Captain's Circle Program Princess Cruises

About Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is celebrated for its luxurious ships, exotic destinations, and impeccable service, offering passengers the chance to explore the world in comfort and style.

About the Captain’s Circle Loyalty Program

The Captain’s Circle honors its guests with a program that grows more rewarding with every voyage. Membership tiers are based on the number of cruises or days sailed, making every journey count.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Preferential pricing offers on cruises and onboard savings.
  2. Priority embarkation and disembarkation at select ports.
  3. Exclusive onboard events and a dedicated Captain’s Circle host.
  4. Complimentary minibar setup and upgraded stateroom amenities for elite members.
  5. Recognition pins and milestone awards for significant sailing achievements.

Type of Loyalty Program

3. VIFP Club by Carnival Cruise Line

VIFP Club - Carnival Cruise Line Loyalty Program

About Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line is one of the most popular cruise lines and prides itself on delivering fun, memorable vacations to its guests, characterized by an informal, lively atmosphere and a wide selection of activities and dining options.

About the VIFP Club Loyalty Program

Standing for “Very Important Fun Person,” the VIFP Club celebrates the fun-loving spirit of Carnival’s guests, rewarding them for their loyalty with a variety of perks that enhance the joy of cruising.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Members earn points per day sailed, with rewards ranging from complimentary drinks to priority boarding.
  2. Exclusive VIFP-only offers and deals on future cruises.
  3. Invitation to members-only cocktail receptions.
  4. Priority check-in and luggage delivery on embarkation day.
  5. Collectible gifts and souvenirs to commemorate your journeys.

Type of Loyalty Program

  • Tier-Status Level Program
  • Point-Based Loyalty Program

4. World’s Leading Cruise Lines Loyalty Program by MSC Cruises

About MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises, renowned for its Mediterranean hospitality, offers an array of cruise experiences around the world, emphasizing family-friendly atmospheres, cutting-edge technology, and environmental sustainability.

About the World’s Leading Cruise Lines Loyalty Program

MSC Cruises’ loyalty program, MSC Voyagers Club, is designed to reward its guests with a range of benefits that enhance the cruising experience from the moment of booking. Membership is tiered, based on the number of cruises or nights spent onboard.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Points accrue through onboard purchases and cruise nights, advancing members through the program’s tiers.
  2. Discounts on cruise fares and onboard services.
  3. Complimentary gifts, welcome-back cocktails, and dedicated events on board.
  4. Priority boarding and baggage handling for higher-tier members.
  5. Late check-out and cabin upgrades, subject to availability.

Type of Loyalty Program

5. Latitudes Rewards by Norwegian Cruise Line

Latitudes Rewards by Norwegian Cruise Line

About Norwegian Cruise Line

Known for its Freestyle Cruising concept, Norwegian Cruise Line offers guests the freedom and flexibility to enjoy their vacation on their own terms, with a wide variety of dining options, entertainment, and activities.

About the Latitudes Rewards Loyalty Program

Latitudes Rewards program thanks its returning guests with a program that becomes more rewarding the more you cruise. It focuses on appreciating loyal cruisers with benefits that enhance both the booking process and the cruise experience.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Earn points for each night spent on board, with additional points for suite or Haven bookings.
  2. Discounts on future cruises and onboard purchases.
  3. Priority check-in and boarding, along with invitation-only cocktail parties.
  4. Complimentary laundry service and internet package for top-tier members.
  5. Dedicated concierge service on select ships for elite tier members.

Type of Loyalty Program

  • Tier-Status Level Program
  • Point-Based Loyalty Program

6. Mariner Society by Holland America Line

About Holland America Line

With a rich cruising heritage, Holland America Line is known for its elegant ships, extensive itineraries covering all seven continents, and an emphasis on premium experiences characterized by exceptional service, fine dining, and enriching activities.

About the Mariner Society Loyalty Program

The Mariner Society rewards guests with points for each day sailed, recognizing and thanking them for their loyalty with a variety of exclusive perks and privileges designed to enhance the cruising experience.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Collect points for each day cruised, with bonus points for suite guests.
  2. Special offers on future cruises and onboard discounts.
  3. Invitation to a Mariner Society Brunch on longer voyages.
  4. Priority embarkation and disembarkation for higher-tier members.
  5. Complimentary room upgrades and onboard spending credit at higher levels.

7. Castaway Club by Disney Cruise Line

Castaway Club by Disney Cruise Line

About Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line brings the magic of Disney to the high seas, offering family-oriented cruises filled with Disney characters, storytelling, and entertainment, alongside luxurious amenities and tropical destinations.

About the Castaway Club Loyalty Program

The Castaway Club enhances the Disney cruise experience for returning guests with a tiered system of rewards. Membership levels are determined by the number of completed cruises, making every journey with Disney even more magical.

Loyalty Program Benefits and Highlights

  1. Early booking opportunities for new itineraries and onboard experiences.
  2. Welcome back aboard gifts and exclusive Castaway Club communications.
  3. Special check-in counters at the cruise terminal for expedited boarding.
  4. Advanced booking for shore excursions, dining, and spa treatments.
  5. Onboard discounts and special surprises for higher-tier members.

Type of Loyalty Program

  • Tier-Status Level Program
  • Experience-Based Program


Cruise loyalty programs are like a guiding light for the cruise industry. They help create amazing trips that passengers remember long after their journey ends. Each program, with its special rewards, plays a crucial role in making sure passengers keep coming back to their preferred cruise line.

For those leading the industry, a loyalty program’s success comes from how well it meets the hopes and dreams of its passengers, knitting together unforgettable experiences and strong bonds.

Key Takeaways and Action Items

  • Enhance Personalization: Strive to understand and anticipate the needs and preferences of your loyal cruisers to offer them tailored experiences.
  • Celebrate Milestones: Recognize and reward loyalty milestones with special acknowledgments, gifts, or benefits that underscore the value of the relationship.
  • Foster a Sense of Community: Use your loyalty program to build a community among your passengers, encouraging interactions and shared experiences that deepen their connection to your brand.
  • Leverage Technology: Implement and utilize technology to make participation in your loyalty program as effortless and engaging as possible.
  • Regularly Review and Refresh: Keep your loyalty program dynamic by regularly assessing its offerings and making adjustments to ensure it remains attractive and relevant to your passengers.

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