How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? A Guide to Getting More Views – Aug 9, 2017

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Best Practices: How To Name Your Loyalty Rewards Program?


The blog highlights the three essential tips that you should consider while naming your loyalty rewards program. Read on to know how you should go about choosing a unique name to make your loyalty program popular. Read the blog to know more.


Optimize These 12 Types of Conversions for Ecommerce Success

Zinrelo Newsletter_Practical Commerce

There are many types of “conversions” on eCommerce sites. Read this blog to learn the 12 types of conversions that are critical to the success of eCommerce companies. Know more


11 Lessons Learned from Failed Link Building Campaigns

Moz Blog_Zinrelo Newsletter

Read the blog to find out the essential lessons learned by Fractl from failed link building campaigns. Read the blog to find out more. Read More


Instagram Stories’ Daily Usage Surpasses Snapchat Usage

Techcrunch_Zinrelo Newsletter

Instagram Stories now boasts “more than 250 million daily users,” which surpasses Snapchat’s reported 166 million daily users. Read the article to find out more on how Instagram achieved this feat. Learn more


How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work?

YouTube-algorithm_Zinrelo Newsletter

So if your brand is using YouTube as part of your social media strategy, how do you increase your chances of getting your videos seen? Step one is understanding the YouTube algorithm. Read on to learn more. Know More


Free Loyalty Rewards Program for Magento Customers

Zinrelo Loyalty Program Free Trail - Magento

If you are looking to convert your shoppers into fiercely loyal customers, Zinrelo’s modern day loyalty rewards program can help you do just that with its easy to install app. To learn more about its features, click on the link and get started for FREE! Get Started

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