How Zinrelo Loyalty Delivered 48% More Revenue To Yonka Paris

Company Name: Yonka Paris (A leading French, skin care brand)

Company Representative: Raphael Faccarello, Head of e-commerce & Digital

Testimonial summary:

The video testimonial covers the experience of Yonka Paris while working with Zinrelo’s customer loyalty rewards platform. Zinrelo structured a B2B loyalty rewards program for Yonka Paris for optimum results. They achieved their objectives and had great success. Raphael shared his thoughts about Zinrelo in the joint webinar with United Parcel Service (UPS) on Sep 3, 2020. Raphael highlighted two scenarios where the customer loyalty program played a vital role. Both these are elaborated below.

Testimonial highlights:

Increased customer retention:

  • Increase sales during slower calendar periods

Top aspects that Yonka Paris likes about Zinrelo:

  • Zinrelo helped Yonka reach their goals
  • Zinrelo helped Yonka Paris to influence customers’ buying behaviour for better 

Result delivered by loyalty program - Zinrelo

Raphael covered the challenges Yonka Paris as a brand is facing. The e-commerce sector has seen a rise in the COVID crises but so has the competition. Businesses are all vying for the attention of their repeat customers. Like any brand Yonka Paris had set an objective to improve their customer retention rate. Along with that they also wanted to smoothen out any effects of seasonality that affects their sales. Zinrelo’s customer loyalty rewards platform was able to achieve both these objectives. 

Raphael speaks of two instances which have helped them earn the loyalty of their repeat customers and to engender behavioural loyalty with the Yonka Paris. In the first instance, Yonka Paris wanted to increase sales during the months of summer when they had lesser sales. Zinrelo’s enterprise loyalty platform could easily accommodate customization to launch a new promotional campaign. The team at Yonka Paris provided double the points for purchases on certain days. These days were never the same across two months. So customer were always guessing and waiting for their next promotion. This created a hook for customers to stay engaged with the brand and Yonka Paris increased their revenues 2.26 times during this period. 

In the second instance Raphael spoke of, how Zinrelo’s customer loyalty rewards platform allowed Yonka Paris to save a lot of expenses by influencing customer behaviour. They realised that the credit card fees they had to process was a big amount that were spending on. They wanted to get their customers to pay through direct bank transfers which was preferable. All they had to do was get their B2B loyalty rewards program to set a campaign in motion. Yonka Paris offered free shipping along with additional bonus loyalty points if customers transferred money directly to the bank. With this simple strategy they were able to reduce on a lot of their expenses. For the repeat customers too, it was a big win since they saved on shipping charges and got additional points.