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, Whitepaper – Rising Trend Of Gamification in Loyalty Programs

Rising Trend Of Gamification in Loyalty Programs

Gaming has gained traction across the world in the past couple of years. The global gamification sales revenue is estimated to reach $32B by 2025. However, the concept of gamification & loyalty programs dates back to the 19th century. In 1896, Sperry & Hutchinson Co. ran a catalog with a variety of products. The catch was that instead of buying with money, customers could buy products with green stamps. These stamps can be earned by spending more on the products. Once customers had enough stamps to redeem a product from the catalog, they would mail the stamps to the company.

The above is the earliest example where the brand innovated to engage customers. As explained in this example, the linear flow of reward points has been followed in the 20th and 21st centuries. Still, many brands have one way to earn points and one method to redeem them.

Gamification has a multitude of benefits, along with helping loyalty programs excel. Statistics highlight that gamifying only the website increases the browsing time by 30%. Gamified activities boost customers’ sense of belonging with a brand.

Let’s understand more about gamification and its benefits in this whitepaper along with examples of how brands are leveraging this to their advantage.

Table of Contents

1. Rising trend of gamification in loyalty programs

2. Who should be incorporating gamification and why?

3. Benefits of gamification in loyalty programs

4. How to integrate gamification into loyalty programs?

5. What types of gamifications can brands include in the loyalty program?

6. Additional gamification tactics used by brands

7. Brands that used gamification to grow retention rates

8. Gamification is the present & future of loyalty programs

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