Ulta Leveraged Loyalty To Top The US Beauty Market – Aug 23, 2017

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Ulta Leveraged Loyalty To Top The US Beauty Market

ulta beauty store

Read this blog to find out how Ulta has successfully re-positioned itself — from the equivalent of a suburban drugstore retailer to become the largest beauty retailer in the U.S with a customer focused loyalty program. Read the blog to know more.


Expedia+ Rewards: An In-Depth Analysis

360-Degree Engagement with Users -Zinrelo -Loyalty Program

If you are a frequent traveler, it is likely you have booked your tickets on Expedia.com. In 2014, they launched the Expedia+ Rewards program. This article presents an in-depth analysis of what Expedia+ Rewards has done well and where they could be better. Know more


The Power Of Maximum Engagement

The power of maximum engagement

This blog encourages brands to provide a 360 degree engagement & captivating opportunities for customers to interact with their brand. It also enlists 5 strategies brands should consider to make their loyalty program a hit. Read on to learn more. Read More


The Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce SEO

, Ulta Leveraged Loyalty To Top The US Beauty Market – Aug 23, 2017

Looking for consistent, high-quality traffic you don’t have to pay for? This beginner’s guide will take you from newbie to novice as quickly and simply as possible. The blog will cover keyword research, site structure and organization, and on-page SEO. Learn more


7 Biggest PPC Nightmares Sinking Your ROI


Confused as to why your PPC advertising is not working? Not sure on how to spot the most common problem areas? Read this blog to find out the seven biggest pay-per-click nightmares that can kill your ROI before it even gets off the ground. Know More


Is a Loyalty Rewards Program Right for Your Brand? [Infographic]

Loyalty Infographic by Zinrelo

A good loyalty rewards program should help businesses boost customer retention and repeat sales thus creating fiercely loyal customers. This infographic reveals the importance of a loyal customer and highlights the top 3 reasons of investing in a loyalty rewards program! Get Started

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