Zinrelo To Discuss Customer Acquisition & Retention
at the North America Fashion and Apparel E-Commerce Summit, 2021

Zinrelo is delighted to announce our participation in the prestigious North America Fashion and Apparel E-Commerce Summit, 2021.

Jai Rawat, VP of Product Strategy will be joined by other esteemed panelists as they discuss Customer Acquisition and Retention, how are fashion retailers and brands using data and technology to win trust and retain their highest value customers?

This event will be held virtually on April 13, 2021. Click here to register now!


As the world continues to battle through Covid-19 induced turmoil, and businesses & consumers adjust to the “new normal”, customer acquisition & retention has never been more important.

The modern consumer has a plethora of choices. This, coupled with an increasing proliferation of social media means that the only constant in consumer behaviour & preferences is change! In order to decipher this ever-changing consumer behaviour and attune themselves to it, brands are resorting to data and technology like never before.

Jai will be sharing insights on how a loyalty program can help brands achieve this. Leveraging data science & machine learning enables brands create customer segments based on varied attributes, leading to enhanced specificity in loyalty-based promotions & campaigns. Additionally, Jai will also showcase how a multi-dimensional loyalty program can foster 360 customer engagement, leading to more customer acquisition & retention.

Join us on April 13 to see why a loyalty program is just what you need. Register now!