Zinrelo Webinar Unravels How Plum District is Getting 35% Sales Conversion Rate using Social Media

Plum District is a popular mom-focused daily offers and ecommerce site. It was ranked among the top 100 sites for women by Forbes in 2012 and 2013.

Plum District is using Zinrelo platform to add social commerce modules to their site and make it more social. This is resulting into stellar success as follows:

  • 5.57% website users converting into quality Facebook fans
  • 20.5% of newly acquired Facebook fans also becoming email subscribers
  • 11.06% shoppers sharing their purchases on social networks
  • High sales conversion rate of 34.9% seen for traffic originating out of social sharing of purchases

Zinrelo conducted a Webinar in which Jennifer Nuckles – CMO of Plum District – unraveled the social commerce strategy they have adopted to achieve this success. This blog post has the recording and presentation used in the Webinar and highlights of the winning social commerce strategy of Plum District.

Recording of the Webinar:

Presentation of the Webinar:

Winning Social Commerce Strategy of Plum District:

Off-site Strategy: Plum District is different social media channels to achieve the following:

  • Facebook: Non-paid activity for engagement, paid advertisement for customer acquisition
  • Twitter: Engagement and Awareness
  • Pinterest: Engagement and Awareness
  • Partner blogs: Awareness and Acquisition

Plum District uses email marketing and off-site social media channels like Facebook to promote their daily offers. While these channels are good to increase exposure and reach, when it comes to sales conversion, they haven’t been effective enough.

On-Site Strategy: Plum District has embedded social commerce modules from Zinrelo to achieve the following:

  • Acquisition of quality Facebook fans
  • Sales conversion and Revenue uplift
  • Driving word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Generating deep social insights into their customer base
  • Increasing user-engagement on site

Specific social commerce modules from Zinrelo that Plum District adopted to achieve the above objectives are:

  1. Get-a-Fan app is converting 5.71% of website visitors in quality Facebook fans. 20.61% of these newly acquired fans are also becoming email subscribers
  2. Share-a-Purchase app has resulted in 11.08% shoppers sharing their purchases on social networks. Traffic originating out of this social sharing of purchases is converting at a high rate of 36.08%
  3. Product Stories app is aggregating the valuable social testimonials created by Plum District customers and showing them as “Trending Deals” on their Facebook page. These testimonials are also displayed on website as social proofs, increasing the user-engagement and driving conversions
  4. Social Connect app is gathering rich social profiles with data like users’ interests, birthdays, information about friends and similar data. Deep social insights can be generated using this data

Besides this, Share-on-Mobile (which captures the customer delight when she receives the product shipment and generates mobile social testimonials) and Viral Flash Sale (one-page interaction that makes a flash sale go viral) are another two apps in consideration.

Excerpts from the Question and Answer section of the Webinar:

Question: How does photos and comments of real users appear on Plum District website? What is the impact of this?
Answer: Yes, these are real users whose comments and photos are gathered using Product Stories app. When users share their purchases using their Facebook account, their profile picture and comment (Facebook post) is captured by this app. Plum District is using the data API provided by Zinrelo to showcase these photos and comments in real time on the product page as social testimonials. This keeps the page fresh with auto-generated new testimonials.

Question: We are a smaller store with limited technical resources. What is the effort required to get these apps on the e-commerce site?
Answer: Embedding these apps on site is quite easy as it requires adding a couple of javascript to the site. The nice part is that once the integration is done, the rest is controlled by their dashboard. Retailers can play, pause, auto-schedule, target and A/B test the campaigns without any IT support. Any new apps they launch become automatically available as well.

Question:Can you please give more details on Share-on-Mobile? Is that an app one has to download?
Answer: Share-on-Mobile does not require any tech integration or an app download. Internet retailers can share a unique URL with their new and existing customers and ask them to share their product usage or product unboxing photos. App also supports QR codes. Through this, valuable mobile social testimonials are created which can be collated and displayed on website/ Facebook using Product Stories app.

For more details about the social commerce success story of Plum District, please write to us at [email protected] or visit Zinrelo.com