Zinrelo Webinar Reveals How Wine Retailer invino Increased its Sales Conversion Rate by 133% using Social Media

Based in the heart of Sonoma’s Wine Country, popular wine retailer invino partnered with ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) and increased its sales conversion rate by 133%. Invino embedded social commerce apps into its website and makes its site more social.

invino used the Refer-a-Friend and Share-a-purchase social apps to promote their daily offers. Refer-a-Friend app increased user-engagement causing a viral loop of referral friend traffic.

ShopSocially’s (a.k.a. Zinrelo) Share-a-Purchase app induced shoppers to unlock the promotion by sharing purchases on various social networks. An incentive well earned has 5-7X higher conversion rate as opposed to an incentive provided as a freebie. Share-a-Purchase helped invino gather rich social profile data. These social insights helped invino to run targeted social campaigns.

Powerful social app Shopping Community increased visitor’s engagement and improved SEO rank. invino embedded the Shopping Community app on its website to reinforce social proof and visitor’s trust in the invino brand.

ShopSocially’s (a.k.a. Zinrelo) social media strategies resulted in impressive gains for invino:

  • 3% of invino’s site visitors referred invino to its friends using Refer-a-Friend.
  • 15.67% sales conversion rate for traffic originating from social referrals.
  • 20.93% sales conversion rate for traffic originating from social sharing of purchases.

ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) conducted a Webinar to unravel the social media strategies used by the wine retailer, invino. Tony Westfall, CEO at invino, presented the Webinar along with Jai Rawat, CEO of ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo). Wine lovers attending the Webinar actively interacted with questions and comments.

Recorded video of the Webinar:

Presentation used in the Webinar:

Key Highlights from the Webinar:

ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) enables brands to convert its visitors and shoppers into brand ambassadors. Social testimonials are the biggest influencers in the user’s decision making. The social testimonials act as a ‘social proof’ and give significant boost to SEO rank of e-commerce website.
Shopsocially’s (a.k.a. Zinrelo) social apps engage website visitors and convert them into rich customer profiles.
Each social action creates a post on social media leading to referral traffic and viral spread of the brand.

Excerpts from the Question and Answer section of the Webinar:

Question: How to get traffic to website on consistent basis for daily sales targets; instead of being lost in the internet.

Answer: The key strategies to get traffic are SEO which gets organic traffic and social media which amplifies existing traffic to get referrals. ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) helps retailers gather social proof which helps with SEO rank as well as referral traffic.

Question: How did invino best utilize ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) tools to boost its sales conversion rates?

Answer: Three specific strategies:

Increased Conversion: Users clicked on the Refer-a-Friend app to “earn” a coupon. Such earned coupons convert at 5-7X better rates. This increases the overall conversion on the website.

Repeat Traffic: Shoppers were given an incentive to share their purchases with friends. That incentive was an opportunity to bring shoppers back to the invino site.

Referral Traffic: Each share by shoppers and users resulted in a post on Facebook and Twitter. When friends discovered it and clicked on it, it created referral traffic.

Question: How social action drives SEO rank?
Answer: According to Google’s latest algorithm, sharing of a website is important than back links. Each social action increases sharing, thus driving up the SEO rank.
Additionally, testimonials generated from ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) can be displayed on product pages as fresh, user-generated content. This is critical for SEO. It bumps up the organic SEO rank of webpage’s.