Building a Strong Community: Stride Rite Partners with Zinrelo To Engage with Customers with a Relationship-Based Model


Stride Rite press release - updated

As a leading kid’s footwear brand for over 100 years, Stride Rite started looking for experts who could help them launch a multidimensional loyalty program. That’s where they found Zinrelo, the expert in unlocking the true potential of the community by building loyalty programs.

Zinrelo uses data-driven methods to create and track loyalty programs. Loyalty programs help forge a stronger bond between brands and their customers while allowing revenue goals to be achieved easier. When a product receives 5 reviews or more, the chances of users purchasing it increases by 270%.

With Stride Rite’s goal to build a loyal community for parents to share their little one’s walking journey, Zinrelo focused on building a loyalty program to keep customers engaged and motivated through a reward system. Together they launched Stride Rite’s loyalty program, Little Loyals, that awards points for email signup, social sharing, product reviews and more.

“The loyalty program helped us create stronger customer engagement and we have seen the average order value increase by 25.29%,” commented Pia Shah, Marketing Analyst, Stride Rite.

Since the launch of the Little Loyals program, Stride Rite has witnessed a 1.31x higher customer retention and revenue per member increased to 43.01% for engaged customers.

The key features of the loyalty program include:

  • 3 tier levels of loyalty to show the level of engagement of the customer with Stride Rite
  • Surprise days where members get double or triple reward points
  • Reward points for referrals, social sharing, purchases and more
  • Bonus points for birthdays and anniversary days

“Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform is helping businesses make deep, long-lasting connections with their customers,” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success, Zinrelo. “Such strong engagement ensures that customers do not migrate to competitors, resulting in repeat business.”

About Stride Rite

Founded in 1919, Stride Rite is a leader in the children’s footwear industry. With a rich 100-year history, Stride Rite delivers quality products with advanced and cutting-edge technologies. Inspired by a child’s out-of-this-world imagination and the challenges of parenting, Stride Rite puts an emphasis on fit and quality because they understand that parents’ greatest desire is to provide their kids with the best. Stride Rite is distributed throughout the US in specialty retailers, independent and department stores and online. Stride Rite is a division of Vida Shoes International, Inc. a global leader in the footwear industry. Learn more at and follow Stride Rite on Facebook and Instagram at @StrideRite