Zinrelo Loyalty helps Nature’s Fusions to increase repeat purchase revenues by 2.32X


Nature’s Fusions to increase repeat purchase revenues by 2.32X

Nature’s Fusions uses Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform to achieve phenomenal all-round growth

Nature’s Fusions launched their rewards program in 2019 to improve customer retention and build their loyal customer base. Just after the launch, they set up an A/B test to systematically measure the impact of their newly launched Rewards Program. The A/B test was able to prove repeat purchase rate was 66% higher for loyalty rewards members. This increased the revenues by 20.65% after the third month. Building on that success, Nature’s Fusion made further gains in 2020.

The Nature’s Fusions Rewards offers customers, multiple point earning opportunities with simple actions to create a 360-degree engagement for purchases made on website, referrals, birthday bonus, welcome bonus and sharing on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). They offer customers attractive rewards and a tier-based rewards program to accelerate the points earning capability!

The points earning activities clubbed with targeted marketing campaigns ensured that the engagement remained high. The targeted loyalty email campaigns witnessed an open rate 2.75 times higher than the industry average. Additionally, the click rate was 8.67X higher than industry average. This proved that the customer interest was high which led to the increase in customer retention. Over the year, the retention rate further increased by 1.82X.

“The growth we witnessed with Zinrelo has exceeded our expectations. Zinrelo’s data science team has conducted regular business reviews that helped us improve our customer engagement.” commented Fabricio Sant’Anna, Marketing Manager at Nature’s Fusions. “Our customers are more loyal because of the points system and the rewards associated with it. It is incredible to see an 82.06% increase in customer retention and a 11.58% increase in average order value (AOV).”

The increase in average order value and the customer retention directly resulted in increase of repeat purchase revenues. The repeat purchase revenues for Nature’s Fusions increased by 2.32X compared to revenues at launch.

“Loyalty ensures that customers do not go to competition, and this results in repeat business.” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo. “Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform is helping businesses to achieve short term and long-term growth. During the current COVID climate, a loyalty program is a great way to grow business.”

About Nature’s Fusions:

Nature’s Fusions is a Christian, family-owned business dedicated towards offering people the tools to improve their lives and natural health. Nature’s Fusions is founded on three tenets: quality, integrity, and the forever guarantee. They began as a small distribution company for family and friends, offering high-quality essential oils and honest information for free. As retailers and others learned about their commitment to quality and integrity, they added their low-margin pricing model and began selling online and in high-touch retail stores. Today, Nature’s Fusions products are carried in hundreds of stores worldwide!

Source: prweb.com