Zinrelo Loyalty Helps Keto Chow to Increase Average Order Value by 20.76%


Keto Chow to increase Average Order Value

Keto Chow uses Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform to achieve phenomenal all-round growth

Keto Chow launched their rewards program to improve customer retention and build a loyal customer base. Acquiring new customers was a two-step challenge. The biggest challenge was to get people to understand how a keto diet would help them. Hence, apart from developing a loyal customer base, Keto Chow’s rewards program was also focused on increasing their Average Order Value (AOV).

The Keto Chow Rewards offers customers multiple point earning opportunities with simple actions. The rewards program is structured to create a 360-degree engagement for purchases made on website, referrals, welcome bonus and social media engagement (Facebook and Twitter). The rewards program is tier-based, to accelerate the points earning capability. These earned points can be redeemed for attractive rewards. This ensured customer loyalty and therefore a stronger retention.

The targeted loyalty email campaigns witnessed an open rate 45.71%. That is 3.29 times the industry average of 13.90%. Similarly, the click rate was 10.65X higher than the industry average of 2.10%. This proved that the customer engagement was high which was apparent by the increased average order value.

“Zinrelo’s suggestion to target customers, to increase their average order value was instrumental for us. Our customers buy from us to follow a healthier keto lifestyle. Having a rewards program helps us keep them engaged and even gives us a simple way to encourage sharing Keto Chow with their friends”, commented Chris Bair, Founder at Keto Chow, “It is phenomenal to see an increase of 20.76% in average order value (AOV)”.

In any business, improvement in customer engagement will improve the customer retention. Customer retention will further help derive higher revenues from these loyal customers. For Keto Chow, the increase in average order value and the customer retention directly resulted in 20.36% increase of repeat purchase revenues.

“The vital part of a customer loyalty program is to understand which aspects to focus on at a micro-targeted level” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo. “Zinrelo’s data science approach can easily identify the key elements to prioritize and structure the program for optimal results.”

About Keto Chow:
Keto Chow was started in January 2015 by Chris Bair. Keto Chow came about because doing a Ketogenic diet can be hard to figure out, especially getting the correct electrolytes and the right macronutrient mix. Keto Chow was setup to make a nutritionally complete food with taste good enough for everyone to enjoy. It would make it easy to follow a keto diet. In January 2016, the business changed from a Sole Proprietorship to “Keto Chow, LLC”. Sales continued to increase and in September 2016 the operations moved out of the Bair house and into a warehouse in South Jordan, Utah and moved again to Draper in 2019.

Source: prweb.com