Zinrelo’s Loyalty Program helps Best Cigar Prices increase repeat purchase revenue by 1.24x


Best Cigar Prices Loyalty Program

Best Cigar Prices uses Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform to achieve revenue growth.

Best Cigar Prices launched their rewards program powered by the Zinrelo platform with a focus on increasing repeat purchases.

The BCP Rewards Club offers customers multiple points earning opportunities through simple actions like online purchases, referrals, birthday & welcome bonus, and social sharing on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. They also offer customers attractive rewards that can be claimed by redeeming these points, and a tier-based program to accelerate the points earning capability! These activities and rewards led to 360-degree engagement of the customers with the Best Cigar Prices brand. Best Cigar Prices witnessed a 1.26X increase in customer retention directly because of their loyalty rewards program.

Along with gamification activities, the reward tiers structured by Zinrelo proved to be an important element in boosting repeat purchase revenue. As the customer progresses through the tiers and become eligible for incremental monetary and non-monetary benefits, they are more likely to stay loyal to the business. Such customers go on to become repeat buyers and yield more revenue than first time purchasers. With Best Cigar Prices, the AOV (average order value) of repeat purchasers increased by 39.74%.

“We were impressed the way Zinrelo took a structured approach to optimize our rewards program. With their data analytics approach, we were able to achieve our objectives.” commented Brian Beatty, e-commerce Manager at Best Cigar Prices. “It is phenomenal that our repeat purchase revenue has increased by 1.24X in a very short span of time.”

“To help customers achieve their objectives, Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform analyses various parameters to understand where the bottlenecks are.” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo, “By considering even the minutest of details, Zinrelo is able to deliver consistent results.”

About Best Cigar Prices:
Best Cigar Prices started as a small business in 1996. Over more than two decades, Best Cigar Prices has achieved many milestones and witnessed tremendous growth. Best Cigar Prices was named ‘Small Business of the Year’ by the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce in 2017-18.

Source: prweb.com