Essence Royal uses Zinrelo Loyalty to increase repeat purchase revenues by 84%


Essence Royal Loyalty Rewards Program

With the objective to increase their repeat purchase revenue and engage with their loyal customers, Essence Royal launched the Essence Royal Rewards Program.

The Essence Royal Rewards Program offers customers, multiple point earning opportunities with simple actions to create 360-degree engagement with the brand. A customer can earn points by referrals, account creation and purchases across a wide range of cosmetics. To create an emotional-connect, Essence Royal rewards customers with bonus points for their birthdays. Similarly, to balance the effects of seasonality, additional bonus points are offered on purchases in certain months. With such a well-structured Loyalty program, Essence Royal witnessed fantastic results in three months.

Increasing the engagement was the key to success. Essence Royal was able to increase their first purchase conversion rate dramatically by 106%. This enabled them to convert their one-time buyers into repeat customers. Consequently, their customer retention increased by 118%.

To engage loyal customers, the tiered loyalty program played a vital role. The three tiers ‘Duchess’, ‘Princess’ & ‘Queen’ were aptly named to suit the brand. The tiers were designed in a way to reward the loyal and high spending customers. The customers were encouraged to buy more products at an increased frequency. This strategy combined with improved retention increased their average order value by 28.93%. The Essence Royal rewards program was instrumental in a phenomenal increase in repeat purchase revenues.

“We witnessed an impressive 84% uplift in our repeat purchase revenues in just three months. This is amazing!” commented Somer Bromwell, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Essence Royal “We are delighted to see the immense value delivered by Zinrelo in such a short time frame!”

“We are empowering businesses to create personalized & data driven rewards programs with ease. Zinrelo’s loyalty rewards platform is helping businesses to engage customers better and make deeper long-lasting connections with them.” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo. “A rewards program ensures that customers do not go to competition, and this reduces discounting and competitive pressure.”

About Essence Royal:
Essence Royal was founded by Christina in 2001 in Germany. It started with a small team dedicated to bringing affordable, fun, and high-quality products into the serious world of cosmetics. Over time, Essence Royal scaled up operations across more than 50 countries. In their course of 20 years of operations they have bagged multiple beauty awards and work tirelessly to give back to society.