Zinrelo helps DefenAge Increase Customer Retention by 65% with a Holistic Loyalty Program


, Zinrelo helps DefenAge Increase Customer Retention by 65% with a Holistic Loyalty Program

“My face has never looked better since I started using these products!” – Sylvia. T

This is one of the 2000+ online customer testimonials for DefenAge products. Based in the USA, DefenAge has been winning customers’ hearts since 2015. DefenAge wanted to build a customer-centric and community-focused brand with a growing customer base. Turning towards a loyalty program proved to be the right strategy for DefenAge. In addition to making the brand customer-centric, the loyalty program also helped them boost the repeat revenue per member and increase customer retention.

To launch a world-class loyalty program, DefenAge collaborated with Zinrelo – a leading loyalty management software. DefenAge was able to launch a holistic loyalty program to build long lasting relationships. The success of DefenAge Skin Club Rewards was evident from a 65% increase in customer retention.

Highlights of the DefenAge Skin Club Rewards program

  • Making customers feel special: At the time of account creation a special welcome bonus is provided to customers. Also to make customers feel special on their birthday a special bonus is offered depending on the tier the customer belongs to Glamorous Gold, Perfection Platinum & VIP Vibrant Purple. Members in the VIP tier also get early access to new products or out of stock products.
  • Freedom of redeeming rewards: Customers can redeem their loyalty points for rewards or gift cards of their favorite brands. The freedom and flexibility of choice is quite important to turn customers into brand advocates.
  • Rewards for social shares & reviews: Customers love rewards, and positive reviews about the brand helped DefenAge create brand advocates by rewarding customers for social shares & posting reviews.This unlocks social loyalty by inviting new customers to the brand.

Launching highly targeted marketing campaigns through the loyalty program increased the purchase frequency by 33% within a few months. Once customers sign up for a loyalty program, they get constant reminders for their reward points and encouragement to level up from the current membership tier. The holistic loyalty program resulted in a 57% increase in repeat revenue per member.

“We wanted to unlock the true potential of our growing customer base. Our first goal was to deliver a seamless customer experience, and we love the strategic consultation offered by Zinrelo throughout this journey.”- Annette Berg, Director of Customer Experience, DefenAge

DefenAge greatly benefited from their loyalty program to not only boost customer retention and repeat purchases but also increase referral revenue. The referral campaigns enabled DefenAge to acquire new customers and achieve 100X of their investment for the set up of referral campaigns within their loyalty program. Zinrelo has enabled brands to experience unprecedented growth with a holistic approach to loyalty.

“The growth experienced by DefenAge after using the Zinrelo loyalty platform is remarkable and reflects the role of our platform in the MarTech stack for any enterprise. Our aim is always to be ready for the future by empowering brands to adopt a holistic approach towards loyalty.” said Samir Palnitkar, VP of Customer Success at Zinrelo.

About DefenAge:

DefenAge is the #1 global anti-aging skincare brand. First released its products in 2015, the brand is driven by scientifically proven practices and backed by the world’s leading dermatologists. The cruelty-free brand has won 9+ elite awards in the beauty Industry.

Source: prweb.com