Bloom Nutrition Announces the Launch of the Bloom Wellness Club Rewards Program

Zinrelo Bloom Wellness Club

Bloom Nutrition, a leading known health and wellness supplement brand focused on creating holistic health, is thrilled to launch a brand-new loyalty program, “Bloom Wellness Club.” Designed by Zinrelo, a SaaS-based loyalty platform, the objective was to improve customer retention, increase customer LTV, increase subscriptions, and bring retail customers back to shop on our website. In addition, promoting referrals, promoting social media shares, and improving app downloads were necessary.

The Zinrelo development team played a pivotal role in the successful launch of “Bloom Wellness Club,” an innovative platform that offers users substantial rewards every time they purchase at Bloom Nutrition, regardless of where or when they shop. The Bloom Wellness Club stands out as a complimentary membership program that allows participants to accumulate 1 seed for every dollar spent on their purchases. Furthermore, members can also gather seeds or rewards by engaging in non-purchase activities like setting up an account, uploading receipts, providing reviews, referring friends, and enjoying a birthday bonus. Upon reaching a seed count of 250, users are elevated to the esteemed Sprout Club, and achieving 500 seeds promotes them to the prestigious Blossom Club. These bespoke rewards include exclusive access to new products, free shipping mini treatments, and access to VIP events.

This is why we wanted a platform like Zinrelo that was flexible and enabled plenty of exclusive and engaging features for everyone. – Greg LeVechia CEO – Bloom Nutrition.

Bloom Wellness Club is built with customers in mind, making the app accessible for all and providing an exclusive rewards system for all users. Customers get a bespoke and completely personalized experience so they can select the Bloom products they are interested in and have the chance to win regular discounts and rewards.

“Bloom wellness club was built on the belief that health and wellness should be fun and make everybody feel good, creating a wellness community for all. This is why we wanted a platform provider like Zinrelo that was flexible and enabled plenty of exclusive and engaging features for everyone. – says Greg LeVechia CEO – Bloom Nutrition.

“It’s a pleasure to have such a popular health and wellness brand on board! We’re proud to support Bloom Nutrition as they launch their loyalty program and bring new customer experiences to their visitors support them in their unique point-of-sale model and strengthen their customer relationships through their program. We felt an instant connection with Benefit cosmetics, as we both believe that meaningful and lasting experiences are the key to making customers happy and most importantly, loyal”. – says Jai Rawat, CEO at Zinrelo.