Offering More Choice to Customers through Loyalty Rewards!

Giving customers more choice and options is the key priority for any loyalty rewards program. With number of loyalty programs surrounding a customer, the one’s that make a mark and stay on in the customers mind are the ones that keep the above in mind during a customer’s journey with the brand.

Sephora beauty insider

Image courtesy by Sephora

Let’s take the example of the leading beauty brand Sephora. They continue to celebrate clients’ love for prestige beauty through rewards, experiences and a sense of community. Ranging from new gift offerings and perks, the benefits continue to surprise customers.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program has provided members with opportunities to receive more value and engage with their favourite brands and products. The brand continuously adapts and grows their Beauty Insider Program  as client needs evolve.


Image courtesy by Sephora

Here’s what’s new for Beauty Insiders this new year:

  • Free Gift: Members of all three program tiers – Insider, VIB, and Rouge – can choose a free gift during their birthday month.
  • Special Perks: Special Birthday Perks only for VIB & Rouge Members- VIB and Rouge members can also choose from a third product option, available exclusively via the new, online Birthday Boutique during clients’ birthday months. This third rotating birthday gift option will change throughout the year! The choice doesn’t stop there for the most loyal Sephora clients, VIB and Rouge members, they may opt to add 250 bonus points to their accounts in lieu of the free birthday gift.
  • More Gift Options: Celebration Gift Options by Tier- At the VIB and Rouge levels, clients can personalize their program perks options through new and meaningful benefits. Any member who already is, or becomes, a VIB or Rouge may choose one of the 3 benefits for the year, beginning mid-January:
    • Rouge level users may add 750 points to their account and VIB may add 500 Shareable Makeovers.
    • Rouge members can opt to share four makeup deluxe full-face makeover experiences with friends (valued at $200) over the year, while VIB members can keep or share two ($100 value) FREE Shipping.
    • Rouge may choose free Flash (2-day) shipping, while VIB members may choose to receive free shipping for orders over $35

In addition to offering rewards they are offering more choice at every rewards moment to make customer journey feel personal. These exciting new benefits are intended to give Beauty Insiders more of what they love and reflect their appreciation for the most loyal clients.

The following Beauty Insider benefits, remain available at any time thus offering a wider scope of choice to customers-

  • Point Multiplier: The higher the tier, the better the multiplier. Insiders receive 1 point per $1, while VIB members receive 1.25 points per $1 and Rouge members receive 1.5 points per $1.
  • Rewards Galore: Each month in the Rewards Bazaar, members can exchange their hard-earned points for a variety of trial-size products and one-of-a-kind experiences. VIB and Rouge members also have the choice to redeem their points for full-size products monthly. New rewards are released in the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday, while supplies last.
  • Full-Face Makeovers: Rouge members may receive free makeup deluxe full-face makeovers with no minimum purchase. Appointments can be booked through, the App or by calling at the local Sephora store.
  • The Beauty Insider Community: A one stop shop for all beauty-lovers to find inspiration, ask questions and get recommendations in a real-time, ‘real talk’ social setting.

Data from a global study which polled 7,000 consumers shows a third of consumers expect brands to anticipate their needs before they arise, 70 percent of global consumers are annoyed when every company correspondence is about making a sale. Choice should be provided not as a sale but as a benefit.

Offering consumers choice in the way they interact with your business and offering a seamless experience on all channels builds trust and loyalty.