Nature’s Fusions testimonial for Zinrelo’s enterprise loyalty program

Company Name: Nature’s Fusions (Manufacturer of Premium Essential Oils)

Company Representative: Fabricio Sant’Anna, Marketing Manager

Testimonial summary:

The video testimonial covers the experience of Nature’s Fusions while working with Zinrelo’s enterprise loyalty program. We genuinely believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” program. Zinrelo structured a customizable customer loyalty program for Nature’s Fusions in June 2019. They have had great success following which Fabricio shared his thoughts. The testimonial is in four different parts. The overall experience, the highlights, results and lastly how Zinrelo will be leveraged further.

Top aspects Nature’s Fusions likes about Zinrelo:

  • User Friendly
  • Customer Support

Result Delivered:

  • 1.82X Higher Retention
  • 2.32X Higher Repeat Purchase Revenue

Question: How was your experience with Zinrelo?

Nature’s Fusions feel the enterprise loyalty program structured by Zinrelo is user friendly for the admin. The admin team can manage it without facing any problems. Fabricio added the other part they really liked was the insights the loyalty platform could provide. The loyalty data analytics constantly help them improve and make changes needed to their campaigns. That way they can better satisfy their customers who they consider as family members.

Question: What did you like the most about Zinrelo?

Nature’s Fusions likes the customer service and support from Zinrelo the most. Zinrelo provides insights through A/B testing so Nature’s Fusions can set their enterprise loyalty program campaigns with ease. Fabricio added that such campaigns help them keep their brands offers relevant. This goes a long way for Nature’s Fusions to be on top of the customer’s mind and purchase from them the next time.

Question: What results did Zinrelo deliver?

Fabricio talks about Nature’s Fusions revenue increased a lot after they started using Zinrelo’s enterprise loyalty program. Many of their customers purchased more frequently and stayed engaged with the brand. Their customer retention was 1.82X higher than before. Their repeat purchase revenues were 2.32 times more with Zinrelo’s customer rewards program.

Question: How do you plan to leverage Zinrelo further?

Nature’s Fusions have witnessed the power of an optimized customer rewards program and to leverage it to better serve their customers. With the recent insights they have got from the enterprise loyalty program, they will restructure the rewards program to further improve their customer retention and increase their revenue as well.