Making your customers feel at home with a multilingual loyalty program

A multilingual loyalty program

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for organizations. By 2020, CX will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. Also, according to Gartner, 89% of companies will compete primarily based on customer experience.

Planning to set up new stores in foreign markets? If you’re thinking about it, moving into new markets is not as easy as changing your shopping carts currency from dollars to yen. With growth and expansion comes the important steps of localizing your products, services, website content in such a way that the customer experience is not compromised. Localization has a clear impact on CX. A 2014 survey of 3,000 online shoppers across 10 countries found 60% rarely or never buy from English-only websites (Source: Common Sense Advisory Research). This clearly establishes the importance of language localization.

Entering a new market correctly is paramount to protecting a company’s image. Creating an appeal in other countries starts with the global face of a company- your website. Along with the website, it is also important to  localize other touch points like a loyalty program. A multi-lingual loyalty rewards program has a better connect with customers. It helps you blend in with your customers in the best way and establish an instant connect with them. No point having a loyalty program in a language your customers don’t understand right! You want to make the customers return for more and not abandon the program just because they don’t understand the program mechanics and offerings.

Citibank Thankyou Rewards

Citi Thankyou Rewards translation in English & Spanish.

It is important to exercise caution here, test and measure, then optimize and expand. A best practice we have seen is to test and control whenever possible. Instead of offering all languages across every channel, start with one or two key languages in one channel. Take the time to optimize this so you can, in turn, measure the effectiveness.

Loyalty programs translation that accommodates local languages is a major step, but there are ways to streamline it. Translating a loyalty rewards program into other languages, is not as daunting as it sounds. Choosing a robust and simplified loyalty rewards platform makes all the difference.

Zinrelo offers a highly customizable and easy to use platform. Icebreaker, a global sports clothing brand is maximizing customer retention with a highly customized loyalty program using Zinrelo.  Multi-lingual capabilities were important to Icebreaker. They planned their pilot launch in the English. After seeing the opportunity with loyalty programs in other markets and the success of their pilot launch in English they decided to launch their rewards program in German, French and Swiss. The same loyalty program would run across all sites but manifest itself in various languages depending on the locale.

Icebreaker Nature Rewards Program in French

Icebreaker Nature Rewards - Dashboard in English

Icebreaker Nature Rewards – Dashboard in English

With users from different countries visiting their website, users can select the region of their choice and see the information in their preferred language. Keeping this in mind, even their loyalty program ‘Nature Rewards’ launched in select countries, is now seen by customers in the German, French and Swiss. Zinrelo’s loyalty platform enabled Icebreaker to test out new localized rewards program with ease. Extending the rewards program in multiple languages became simple. The entire loyalty program dashboard is automatically shown in the member’s preferred language. This capability has been critical in fuelling their international launches and creating stronger customer connect.

Icebreaker Nature Rewards- Rewards dashboard in French

Icebreaker Nature Rewards- Rewards Dashboard in German

Zinrelo currently supports English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages out of the box.