J.C. Penney Making Its Loyalty Program Far More Generous – July 12, 2017

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J.C. Penney Making Its Loyalty Program Far More Generous

JC Penney_Zinrelo Newsletter

J.C. Penny unveiled a new loyalty program that lets customers roll points they’ve earned from one month to next rather than see them expire and also gives shoppers visiting its Sephora shops the ability to rack up Penney points there too. Read the blog to know more.


3 Masterful SEO Insights That Will Change Your Life

SEO Journal_Zinrelo Newsletter

Some SEO insights offer incremental improvement. Others can change your life forever. The blog highlights the three key insights that master SEOs put in practice in their daily lives. Know more


After Years of Resistance, Nike Gives in to Amazon

Nike_Zinrelo Newsletter

In the latest sign of Amazon’s growing dominance, Nike will begin selling its shoes and athletic apparel on the online retail behemoth’s site. Read More


The Most Popular US Industries & Traffic Shares

SEO MOZ_Zinrelo Newsletter

This blog focuses on the current state of traffic distribution across the most popular US industries. Read the blog to know the key finding of the research. Learn more


4 Massive Marketing Trends You Should Be Following in 2017

, J.C. Penney Making Its Loyalty Program Far More Generous – July 12, 2017

The blog highlights some of the biggest marketing trends that businesses should be paying attention to and begin taking advantage of them. Know More


Understanding The Modern Day Customer Loyalty Program

Understanding the Modern Day Customer Loyalty Program_Zinrelo

In this blog Brandon Carter –Customer Loyalty Expert shares his thoughts on different aspects of building a successful modern day loyalty rewards program to maximize customer retention. Read the blog to know the go-to strategies for fostering strong customer loyalty in your business. Learn more

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