HubSpot and ShopSocially Present Strategies for Profitable E-Commerce with Facebook

Marketers stung by the declining organic reach of brands’ content on Facebook are vehemently voicing their displeasure with Facebook. Marketers have spent top marketing dollars to build Facebook fanbase and are now being asked to pay more to promote their content to this fanbase. Accumulation of fake Likes have further hampered their engagement rate. Result is Facebook being accused of failing marketers.

In reality, its not Facebook, but marketers who are failing to leverage Facebook. Designed primarily for peer-to-peer communication among users, Facebook works best when marketers employ C2C strategies for social promotion on Facebook. Marketers are using it as another promotional medium on which they can showcase their branded content. Instead they should revisit social in new light of C2C strategies as suggested in the webinar jointly presented by HubSpot and ShopSocially (a.k.a.Zinrelo).

Recording of the webinar:


Presentation used in the webinar:

Strategies for generating positive ROI from Facebook:

1. Facebook outreach through genuine fans:
True fans genuinely interact with your brand. To find such true fans for your brand, best option is to tap users on your website. These users are already interacting with you online. Custom canvas printing site Fabness USA used this strategy to acquire 15,000+ ‘real’ Facebook fans who converted at a high rate of 33.28% on their site.

2. Acquire rich social profile of users:
Users have evolved from email being their primary touch point. They are more connected through social channels today. Marketers should also move on from email acquisition to social profile acquisition. This not only gives you a pre-verified email address of user but also generates deep insights into customers social persona. Beauty retailer Carol’s Daughter used this strategy to identify social influencers among their customer-base. Users who connected with Carol’s Daughter through this method demonstrated a sales conversion rate of 29.79%

3. Use social login:
Social profile is the new identity for your customers today. Using social login eases the fatigue of registering anew on every site and remembering passwords. It increases engagement and drives higher sales.

4. Drive SEO through Facebook:
7 out of top 8 factors driving SEO rank are social in nature. Of this, 4 are from Facebook. Google search index now weigh social signals with higher significance, resulting in higher SEO Rank for sites which are shared more on social. Encouraging social sharing of your site content on Facebook will drive your SEO Rank.

5. Create social brand ambassadors:
Marketers should not stop at converting website visitors into customers, but should extend their efforts to convert customers into social brand ambassadors. Encouraging social sharing of purchases will result in your shoppers promoting your brand on Facebook through C2C methods. This drives quality friend referral traffic back to website. Popular firearms manufacturer Beretta used this strategy to earn average revenue of $19 from each socially shared purchase.

6. Acquire customers through social demand generation:
Aggregating your customers social comments on your product creates a gallery of positive social reviews for your brand. Your customers’ friends are most likely to have similar preferences as your customers, and hence the friend traffic on such social gallery leads to impulse purchases. This social demand generation enables marketers to acquire customers at significantly lower cost than their routine channels.

7. Show social proof:
With abundant information and unlimited options available at effort of few clicks or taps, customers today are more tentative than ever. Social reviews act as significant influence during customers purchase cycle. Showcasing social buzz from real people on product pages creates influential social proof driving user engagement and sales.

Here’s a quick snapshot of these strategies:

Social Commerce Strategies

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