How Retailers Can Improve E-Commerce Conversions During the Holiday Season -Nov 23, 2016

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Top Social Commerce News Of The Week

Snap Spectacles Review: Fun That’s Totally Worth the Trouble

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Here is everything that you need to know about Snapchat’s camera equipped, video-capturing sunglasses. Read a complete review here. Get insights here

Facebook and Google Fight Fake News

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Facebook and Google have updated their policies to ban fake news sites from using Facebook’s & Google’s advertising networks. Know more.

Four Steps to Increasing Customer Retention & Loyalty With Social Media

Read on to learn how to apply loyalty best-practices to your social media marketing to grow customer retention and long-term loyalty. Read More.

How Retailers Can Improve E-Commerce Conversions During the Holiday Season [Infographic]

The social network has just above 1.8 billion monthly active users, and now one billion of them are visiting the platform only on mobile devices. Learn more.

These 9 Retailers Really Need a Good Holiday Season

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The National Retail Federation predicts industry sales will increase 3.6 percent in November and December, which would mark a slight acceleration from last holiday’s 3.2 percent growth. Here are nine retailers who are counting on that increase the most. Read Here.

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