The Amazon vs Google Comparison – May 24, 2017

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The Amazon vs Google Comparison

Amzon Vs Google Comparison -Zinrelo Newsletter

The following article is a deep dive into Amazon & Google’s history, landscape and predicted growth to give business owners and investors a better understanding of the differences between the two e-commerce giants. Read on to know the differences. Read the blog to know more.


Walmart Delivers E-Commerce Stunner

Walmart E-commerce - Zinrelo -Newsletter

Walmart reported soaring e-commerce growth during its fiscal first quarter, along with strong organic sales figures — results that suggest rival Amazon may have a fight on its hands. Know more


Why Customer Empowerment Is the Key to Great Retention Rates

Customer Retention -Zinrelo Newsletter

Empower your customer to achieve their goals. Learn how by putting more power in the hands of your customers, you’ll keep them coming back for more. Read More


How Coca-Cola is Using Smartphone Data To Personalise In-Store Ads

Coca Cola Personalization Strategy - Zinrelo Newsletter

Recently, Coca-Cola started using Google technologies to target consumers in US grocery stores. So, how does it work exactly? Here’s a bit more on the story. Learn more


2017 SEO Checklist for Product Detail Pages

SEO Checklist - Zinrelo Newsletter

Product detail pages are an online merchant’s most potent persuasion and conversion tools. To make the page search engine friendly & to attract new shoppers here is an SEO checklist. Know More


Three Reasons To Invest In a Loyalty Rewards Program



This blog reveals the importance of a loyal customer and highlights the top 3 reasons for investing in a loyalty rewards program. Read on to get insights. Learn more

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