Episode 1: AI, Sustainability and Strategies in Loyalty Programs with David Slavick

Welcome to the Zinfluencer series, presented by Zinrelo, an API-first enterprise-grade SaaS-based holistic loyalty platform. In this episode, host Max Savransky, Zinrelo’s Head of Loyalty Strategy, engages in a dynamic conversation with David Slavik, Co-Founder of Ascendant Loyalty Marketing. David is a seasoned expert with over 25 years of experience in designing impactful loyalty programs across various industries.
Here’s what we cover:

The Influence of AI on Loyalty

Explore the transformative role of artificial intelligence in loyalty program management, while understanding the importance of predictive analytics to provide personalized customer experiences.

Promoting Social Responsibility

How to integrate social responsibility into loyalty initiatives while emphasizing authenticity and brand alignment in sustainability efforts.

Designing Effective Loyalty Programs

Understand the significance of program design to minimize program liability while increasing the program ROI.

Essential Capabilities in Loyalty Platforms

Discover key capabilities in a loyalty platform that fosters emotional loyalty.

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