5 Must-Have Strategies for 10X Social ROI – Webinar

Social media features by default in all marketing plans of today’s marketers. But they are still often clueless on how to harness the true power of social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email effectively to achieve maximum social ROI. To help marketers get maximum juice out of their social media efforts, Yahoo! and ShopSocially joined hands to present a joint webinar to showcase 5 must-have strategies to generate 10X social ROI. This blog post has recording and other details of this webinar.


Recording of the Webinar:


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5 Must-Have Strategies for 10X Social ROI:

1. Move to Viral Email Acquisition: Marketers should replace their traditional email marketing widgets with Facebook Connect. This will acquire not only email but complete social profile of user. Rich social profile data like birthday, gender, location, interests, friends, etc. can be collected via this method. ShopSocially’s Social Connect app helps you achieve this.

2. Drive Customer Acquisition via Referral Programs:  All marketers know referral marketing but very few actually add the social flavour to it. To maximize social ROI, customer referrals should be made social in nature. Your customers recommending your site to their friends on social media becomes the most potent brand endorsement you can ever get. ShopSocially’s Refer-a-Friend app can enable this for your site.

3. Encourage Visual Commerce by Converting Selfies into Sales: Its a visual web today, and selfies are the best manifestation of it. Your customers are already sharing photos of your brand or products on channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Aggregating them via a hashtag into a nice visually attractive gallery can convert these selfies into a sales machine. Adding such gallery on your product page acts as social proof and increases conversions. ShopSocially’s Photomonials app is what you need to employ this strategy.

4. Use Social Login to Increase Conversions: In today’s socially connected world, enabling social login is an intuitive thing, but is often ignored by marketers. Social Login seamlessly extends users’ default social browsing behaviour onto your site and reduces “password fatigue” of remembering login details across multiple sites. Social Login reduces transaction/ cart abandonment rate, increases user engagement and drives sales conversion uplift. Use ShopSocially’s Social Login app to get this strategy for your site.

5. Increase Loyalty by Rewarding Customers for Social Actions: Loyalty program has been one of the surest ways of increasing customer loyalty and driving sales from existing customers. But in today’s social media dominated world, these loyalty programs now need to incorporate social into it. Reward your customers with loyalty points for their social actions on your site. This will increase social actions on your site and enhance customer loyalty, driving multiple repeat purchases. ShopSocially’s Social Loyalty Program is the go-to app for this.

Excerpt from the Question and Answers Section of Webinar

Question: How does social couponing help in referral marketing?
Answer: By using social couponing in referral marketing, we get customers to invest their social capital in availing the offer. As users put an effort to refer the site to their friends, they feel they have “earned” the coupon. This makes them value the coupon more than other giveaway coupons, leading to a higher conversion of coupon and an uplift in sales conversion rate.

Question: How can we use A/B testing for social media campaign? Can you share some test scenarios?
Answer: A/B testing can be used to test various scenarios and evaluate the impact of social campaign in clear business terms. Some sample scenarios are to test campaign creative, placement of app on site, campaign incentive strategy and so on.

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