15 Popular Brands With Amazing Loyalty Rewards Program – Sep 6, 2017

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Homepages Rarely Convert Because These 6 Elements Are Often Ignored

Building a Community of Advocates_Zinrelo Newsletter

The blog highlights the six homepage elements that you’re probably overlooking and are costing you conversions. The tips given in the blog will help you make specific corrections on your homepage to optimize conversions. Read the blog to know more.


Best Practices: Designing A Tiered Program To Build Customer Loyalty

A Loyalty Program without Tiers is Like a Phone without a Selfie Camera

Read the blog to learn the best practices marketers must follow in order to create a highly rewarding tiered program for their brand to retain customers and to ensure a high brand recall value. Read the blog to find out more. Know more


Building a Community of Advocates Through Smart Content

Moz Homepage Conversion_Zinrelo Newsletter (2)

This blog post highlights case studies and strategies for developing brand advocates, building user-generated content programs around them, and turning negative community perceptions into open dialogue. Read on to learn more. Read More


15 Popular Brands With Rewards Programs You Should be Taking Advantage of

Brands with Reward Programs_Zinrelo Newsletter

This blog highlights the 15 brands that offer rewards programs and memberships that you might want to join so you can save yourself money in the long run and keep buying what you love. Read on and get enrolled in the programs right away! Learn more


Zinrelo’s Loyalty Rewards Program Doubles Revenue Per User at BedHead Pajamas

BedHead Pajamas Loyalty Program_Zinrelo Newsletter

Zinrelo’s modern day loyalty rewards program has enabled BedHead Pajamas to increase its Revenue Per User by 2x for loyalty members. The program also assisted the brand to maximize customer engagement. Read the press release here. Know More


Free Loyalty Rewards Program for Shopify Customers

Shopify Banner_ Zinrelo Newsletter

Turn your shoppers into loyal customers with a fully featured loyalty rewards program from Zinrelo. The modern day loyalty rewards program is now available on Shopify platform. Install the app and get started for free! Get Started

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