13 Persuasion Techniques to Convince Ecommerce Visitors to Buy More

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13 Persuasion Techniques to Convince Ecommerce Visitors to Buy More

Persuasion_Techniques_Zinrelo Newsletter

Here are 13 persuasion techniques that will give you an unfair advantage in the most important battlefield of all: the human brain. Read on to know how you can convince shoppers to buy more from your website. Read the blog to know more.


Adobe Finally Kills Flash Dead

Adobe kills flash_Zinrelo Newsletter

Adobe announced on Tuesday that it would “stop updating and distributing the Flash Player,” giving the end of 2020 as its end-of-life date. With that, the internet’s favorite punching bag deflates. Know more


How Long Should Your Videos Be?

Ideal time for videos_Zinrelo Newsletter

Check out this infographic to know the optimal video length for the most popular video channels to help you better engage your audience on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Read More


3 Brands Using Instagram Stories Well

Instagram Stories_Zinrelo Newsletter

Here are three brands that certainly rise above the noise on Instagram stories with their creative and engaging content. Read on to learn what you can take from their success and implement in your own strategy. Learn more


The Lazy Writer’s Guide to 30-Minute Keyword Research

30 min keyword research_ Zinrelo Newsletter

Keyword research doesn’t have to be a marathon bender. A brisk 30-minute walk can provide incredible insights — insights that connect you with a wider audience on a deeper level. Read on to find out more. Know More


Should Small Retailers Invest in a Loyalty Rewards Program?

invest in a loyalty program leaky bucket

A retailer without a loyalty program is like a leaky revenue bucket. This blog highlights why it is imperative for small retailers to have a loyalty rewards program as a key retention strategy. Read on to know more. Learn more

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